Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I was talking with a friend in my front yard today, when a stranger came down the driveway.
She wanted to know if at least one of us lived here. I acknowledged that I did, said goodbye to my friend, &
turned to her to ask what, if anything, I could help her with.
She told me she was visiting her sister-in-law next door, who was ill, & was offering the outdoor deck plants to me if I wanted them.
We went through the side yard gate & went to my neighbors place, a lady I had never seen. She introduced me to her husband, a very nice man, & we discussed what they wanted me to remove.
The lady of the house, my neighbor, came out & after introductions all around, we went indoors as she was offering that I take more items. I told her that I could take the plants with my truck & some of my workers on Thursday, if that was fine with her.
She then asked me if I liked "figurines". She brought one over & I was a little surprised as she handed it to me, & told me I could have all of them.
There were many assorted carvings & busts around the place. She went off to answer the phone & I talked with her brother & sister-in-law, till she returned. At that point, a man walked in & wanted to know what was going on, & what I was doing there.
I then recognized him, as a man who rents a room, below the lady`s house.
I had talked to him over the lower yard fence about removing a large tree limb that had broken off of one of the boundary trees & was straddling the property line. I did remove it at that time.
He was a little obnoxious, but I brushed it off.
The lady of the house, noticing the uncomfortable haze of rudeness, asked me quietly for my phone number, & that she would call me in a while.
Half an hour later, she called & wanted to meet me in the side yard to give me something. I told her it was not necessary but she insisted. I didn`t really understand the "why" of this gift.
I went to meet her, & she handed me the bust she had shown me earlier. As we talked, again, the man who had interjected himself into the group inside the house, showed up, and asked what was going on.
She told him she was giving me a gift, & that she would talk to him later.
Since we had been introduced in her house earlier, he was using my name when addressing me. He then told me to give the bust back to the lady, & that I was being irrational.
I told him I could easily explain what irrational meant, & that ordering me to give back a gift from a third party, would be part of the explanation process.
He then said that he meant she was being irrational, & not me, again using my name. He said he did not even know me.
I told him that since he did not know me, he was to only address me as "Sir" from that moment on.
I left.
Tomorrow, I`ll conclude with what hopefully will be the end of this little tale, although, trust me, it is not very nice.
I must tell you though, that no one came to any harm, physically.
I took a few shots of the bust, a carving in some exotic wood from somewhere in the orient.
Have a nice day, & remember, I`m always available to help strangers in need.


Another fly by night post for those needing a wake-up jolt.
I put the pink babies over on Planet Earth, while I left the cream for your coffee behind the glow-stix.
Oh! watch out for the Purple Peeker.
It`s a Royal Gramma with her tail hid.
Have a great day & a healthy tomorrow.

Monday, February 16, 2009


A quick note.
I`ll be back tomorrow, the money is under the mat.

Friday, February 13, 2009


This wide-bodied big lipped beauty is over two feet long, (NDD),
& is a little special image for Ms NDD,
Viewing it in the linked original format, is always a bit of a thrill I think.
On Planet Earth, to commemorate Darwin`s birthday , are a few shots of a classic Noodly appendage.
There is also a "Toadstool" Leather Coral somewhere in the two links newly added tonight.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A few parsecs out of quadrant J42 while on warp drive I took some shots of an, as of yet unnamed, planetary system.
If you go to see the original you can see a moon sliver, a little left of center.
It was hard to get off these in shots which make up this image at that speed, but as you know as long as I travel slower than the speed of light, it is possible.
Back on Planet Earth, a set of Kangaroo Paws, from an Aboriginal medicine man.
Have a great day, & don`t space out.


A little make-up, some dried tree branches & a little botox for the pouty lip look, & this Blenny is ready for a night out on the town.
In the header, a set of Plum Blossoms from down the street.
On Planet Earth, images from the past few night`s stormy sunsets.
Have a nice Plum day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Once in a blue moon, I might post something without adding any other images in the usual links.
Pardon me , but I think this is one of those times.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have a series of these coming up so stay tuned.
On Planet Earth, another series focuses on this garden fountain sculpture.
That`s all I have for you today.
I probably took a few hundred shots today, but most are not downloaded yet, although I know some are a little strange.
Have a nice time tomorrow.


This is the sunset taken from my rooftop observation post.
You can see the waves near the shore in this pic.
The header has a series of shots taken in two different shoots but in the same location with the same subject.
On Planet Earth, a large Brittle Starship, is linked to a few shots of a Percula clownfish, similar to an Oscellaris.
Have a great day tomorrow & I hope to bring flowers soon.

Monday, February 2, 2009



I know most of you won`t really want to see Southern California outdoor living, but it might just snap you awake. Spring is just two or three months away, so please persevere.
This is the state of the project I`ve almost completed.
I have a few pieces of wood left to install, adjust the cabinet doors on the face of the fireplace which protect the 46" TV.
The bar & BBQ, is behind me as I`m taking this shot.
I had not been feeling well, so I took about a month off from this project.
The Koi fish are humongous & I will put a little movie on Planet Earth tomorrow.
In the header, a pic for Andif, of the full body of the Engineer Goby.
On Planet Earth, a nicer hug for Olivia, if she`s not afraid of crabs.
(BTW, The crab pic is upside down. It`s a little hard to look at in it`s natural orientation, so for you purists out there, turn your monitor upside down.)
I might post some flowers if I feel nice vibes.
Enjoy your day, it could be worse.