Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Another fly by night post for those needing a wake-up jolt.
I put the pink babies over on Planet Earth, while I left the cream for your coffee behind the glow-stix.
Oh! watch out for the Purple Peeker.
It`s a Royal Gramma with her tail hid.
Have a great day & a healthy tomorrow.


AndiF said...

Wow, the color on that is just fantastic. I was already awake but I'm still jolted.

MsNDD said...

Royal Gramma must be wide eyed too by all that beauty. Interesting view of her left eye!
The green glow is lovely. It can jolt one's fascination in the morning, yet provide a feeling of calm at the end of the day.

Knucklehead said...

The color of this Tube Anemone has always jolted me.
There are some with a center as "day-Glo" orange as this one is green, although I never noticed the color of the large tentacles on that orange one I saw.
This is raw unadulterated color. (not "raw" asin raw file.)

Knucklehead said...

The most wild eyed specimen here is the resident Homo sapiens.
I could watch a reef tank all day.
I can`t wait to get more animals, now that I have more room in this tank.
I take it that the left eye would be the one showing "glass".
I`ll post one tomorrow, with a very strange shape, to it`s "glass". Although it`s a different species, I wonder how the view is from inside the lenses of fishes` eyes.