Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As I mentioned I have been on a mission. My mission was to move my complete household compound away from here. Although I had been here for 18 years, it was becoming unsafe to reside here any longer. I had to move all the rescued birds a rescued dog a one-eyed cat, a complete workshop 7 reef tanks hundreds & hundreds of plants cactus palms gardens flowers & whatever one can grow & propagate in that amount of time. I also was setting up another expansion of a cabinet shop about 20 miles from here. Throughout all this I had to empty the house I was moving to of a lifetime of memories left for two years unattended since the owner a dear friend had passed away. We had to pack up her life & get rid of all the foodstuff in the cupboards & refrigerator. I then painted the complete interior & did all neccessary repeairs. The aviary for the birds was completed just today & they are all moved in. Coconut would rather stay on my shoulder though. All my tanks are now moved but one. I`ll complete that one tomorrow & never return to my house again. The Karma I showed you at the yard sale is the karma around here that was making it impossible to stay. On to better things. One of my famous cactus blooms decided to give me a send-off & blossomed again last night. I had tried to make this a seamless move but due to the fire damage to the fiber optic cables in the area, my transfer of service has been delayed till the 9th of Nov.
I will probabl be offline till then ,as of tomorrow. I wish to thank you all for your wonderfull comments & thoughts for me mine & others which you have so wonderfully blessed my heart with. Please remain safe so that you may be all welcome back upon my return. I will miss you all immensely. Goodnight & till a better tomorrow. I will be disconnected as of tomorrow at 6:PM. If you have any questions I shall be glad to try & respond. Farewell till I see you again.
I posted some images that if you only look at onne or two a day, I should be back before you`ve finished. The post image is a brittle star making spectacles of himself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tonight I`m beat. Not to disappoint, I found a folder of underwater posers for you. Please enjoy the other ones linked to this big Puffer fish. I took this shot in my friend Darbe`s tank. I built this about 5 years ago, I think. It`s a fish only tank. so there are no live corals in this tank. it`s 350 gallons.
Good night & thank you for the nice thoughts for Kidspeak & Teach.

Monday, October 29, 2007


 2  DSCN3843
As I mentioned a few posts back, someone we know has lost her brother. I didn`t mention Kidspeak`s name for my reasons. Kidspeak & Teach have been very nice to me & I know are both well regarded in our gang. I`m dedicating this sunrise to both Kidspeak & Teach so you all may reconnect with your friends also.
I also put a little group of shots for them on Planet Earth. They are from Teri`s new Reef Garden.
This is from Kidspeak a few minutes ago. & my response.
Hi, Head,
We're back in motor city now. I'm sad that Teach and I weren't able to see you - but the circumstances were pretty bad. We are glad you are safe, and we hope the beasts around you are also ok.

My brother did die (not sure if Teach told you that), and with Malibu evacuated, we were shuffled around. Hard to believe he went down so quickly, less than a week from teaching his last class. I know that people are much more important than animals, but the cat crawled up into my brother's chair and howled at one point once we got back into the house.

We saw some terrible fires - best view, ironically, from the hospital. We did make it into Malibu via Kanin, eventually. Fire came down about 50 years ( yards, my edit) from their house, but not much was hurt.

Still, a downer trip all the way around.

It's been a hard fall - I'm not coherent yet from loss of sleep, and Teach is as demoralized as I from various vexations locally.

I do enjoy your pictures and comments. Thanks for the beauty.

(Oh, it was fine had you used our names when you mentioned us a few days ago. We know most of the folks who comment here one way or another.)

October 29, 2007 9:56 PM
Knucklehead said...
Thank you so much Kidspeak,
I wanted to protect your privacy. I know many of the people here & I are all mutual friends & always have thought highly of you both. I`m also sorry we didn`t meet, especially since we were so close geographically. I`m very sorry for your loss & would not know how to even feel, if I lost one of my brothers. I`ve lost the mother of my daughter when she was almost three & time does temper things, but again, that was many years ago. My daughter is now 26. It doesn`t go away though. Good memories are a big help in overcoming sorrow.
May we sometimes meet. Maybe on a moonlit night. I think of you guys everytime I see your flight overhead. "Kidspeak`s Flight".

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Tonight`s sunset is from the same yard where the bottles are. I have been out of touch because of fire damage to the fiber optic cables in the area.
This is the first day of clean air as the ocean breeze has cleaned up the coastal zone.
This was taken during a rain shower.
There is another image from the same vantage point behind this one & for Olivia, (a major player in the creation of this picture window), I put in a set of the red flower from the header, in the collection, called "BLOOD ON THE SHEETS". The red flower in some provocative images of innocence is in the set named "Candle in the Wind".
On Planet Earth, a White Honeysuckle, I happened to notice. Strangely, it was the only one that decided to attract my eye, after days of dry winds & desicating heat & smoke. I put up a little study of this paired blossom.
Hopefully my fiber optics remain at 20/20.
You all enjoy a day of rest. I`ll be wicked for a little while longer, & as you know, there`s no rest for the wicked.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


These images mark the end of a day, the end of a time, the begining of a new night. The dark days of the past are shown in the multiple repairs in the fence. The spirits in the bottles through which many dreams were concocted along with the cocktails of despair, have gone with the wind & hopefully the mended fences will hold. A neglected one never will. I keep fixing the repairs & hope to one day banish even the fence, like the dissipated spirits in my mind. The harshness & spikes of doubt are gone along with the spines of guilt for things I have no direct knowledge of having done. That`s one reason why cactus blooms are so important to me. From gnashing & cutting of needles & pikes the underlying beauty of the blooms overshadows the darkness of the beast. With me the beast was always the bottles & the needles. In these shots I see the light through the bottles whereas in the past I only magnified my troubles when looking at them through the bottom of a glass. Many years have past & don`t you you think the fence looks good.
Here, kids are treated to as much fun as possible. On Planet Earth, you can see to what lengths adults go to scare the children. It`s a fun fear or as they say a "Good Grief".
Hah I love that one. I think Wavey Gravey coined that one.
In the header, an unidentified flower that I caught blooming today. I`d been watching it progress & did not expect this result. I have another I`m watching & hope I`m just as surprised, especially since I already have an expectation of something, which may or may not be, what I see it in the future, to be.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Mom as a little rescue girl
Who are we & why do we do the things we do. As you may have guessed, our home is filled with animals that come to us mostly by chance. They are always welcome to whatever help we can offer, some to stay permanently, others till we can find a suitable home that meets their needs. On Planet Earth is a beautiful Bearded Dragon, that I rescued to place in a home suitable for it.
This dragon was a therapy dragon for kids with special needs. You may remember my little buddy Shane that I sometimes write fantasy stories for. This dragon was in his classroom till the school closed. Shane`s mom, an amazingly loving person, could not bear to have the lizard at her house with nobody to hold it & take it out for walks, as it was used to at the school.
I picked up the dragon & brought her to my young friend down the street who`s brother has the large reef tank I help with.
So there you have it, another successful rescue. I should return to where I started this post.
The young lady in the posted image is also a rescuer. Here she is with two little kittens. Funny where things start. That young lady is my mom.
We only ever have one. Call yours, remember her if she`s gone & always be nice to ladies, they may eventually be someones mom.
Have a nice day,Please.


As you can see from this image when compared to the last posted image, the fire has not advanced towards our place. This is in part, because of the nature of the beast itself & a steady onslaught of water droppers.
I know I`d told you I would be just fine & had been through these fires numerous times, but it obviously didn`t allay your concerns, for which I`m grateful.
Then there`s the "Why didn`t you call" gang. All roads were shut down except in Malibu itself. All fiber-optic cables were burnt through, & having my phones & internet connected to these fallible devices did not permit me to contact the outside world. It also kept most people here, having to depend on CNN or outside news feed for information about what was going on a mile away. We had no local news only satelite feeds. There was no gas for anybody because the power was out at many locales, so gas could not be pumped.
For everybody who expressed concern, you have no idea how bad I felt knowing you would be concerned, & that I was OK but couldn`t let you know.
For those who know me personally like Evangeline & Landsailor, you all know there`s a special place for me to burn & it`s not here. I may have the hellfires out before the devil gets me anyway. There`s also another sad story here. One of our friends from the BooMan Tribune & his wife are here in Malibu for a family tragedy. I don`t feel like I could name them here but will ask them. Please say a prayer for their family. I have been in touch with one of them by phone & hope to meet them here today but it`s hectic for them & with the roads closed & the sadness involved it may not be possible. I do hope to see them though.
Everything is as back to normal as could be expected here, so please don`t fret, & say a prayer for those who need one desperately at this time. It`s too late for me, hah.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


These images are from earlier this morning. The power has been going off & on for hours, so I`ve had to be running around watching my reefs & trying to post. The winds have been the most extreme I have ever seen with gusts over 100 MPH. The fire is now burning homes in the Malibu Colony area, where many actors & monied people live. It`s just near where Suzanne Summers home burnt a few months ago. Hodge`s castle is burnt & is a total loss. On the other hand, what do you think happens when you beat your wife, burn your dog, Kill a protected snake (by me) & then have a yard sale. Karma strikes & does so, hard. Here`s what`s left of a yard sale. It`s called Karmic Debris.
Here at my compound, everything is fine 7 we are in no danger. I`ve been through many of these fires & respect them but am never afaid of them. Big difference. Have a nice day. Here, so far so good.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


This clownfish is checking out the reef crest. There are more of his explorations beyond . On Planet Earth an extremely embarrassed Tomato clown blushes & there`s a bit of guilt while a Marroon clown gets some pointers from a Tang on how best to approach a squirming female Elephant Ear.
Have a nice weekend, please.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is a Yellow Tang. The "tang" is from the white barb at the base of it`s tail.
It is extremely sharp & forward facing. It will swim towards you & turn at the last second , slashing you with it.
On Planet Earth, a bunch of surprises including one from the garden called a "Blue Tailed Skink".
There`s also some medicinal pot, brand name Purple Erckle.
In the header & clicked to it, a few shots taken a la Olivia, from the car window.
A large spider I walked into last night & my Comet/ Marine Betta, the polka dotted dancer.
A hodge podge of things for you to wander with during your day.
Please have a peaceful one.
Thank you.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here`s a little bath for Beth. The Maroon Clown is getting it just right for you.
On Planet Earth, some bubbled tips I promised Andif.
Please have a nice day.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Watchers are where you least expect them. This Hawkfish, under cover of a Green Torch coral, shows that nothing will be kept from him. He`s a "Watcher".
On Planet Earth, another Watcher hides in the sea grass, compiling notes on your activities.


A small Clownfish (false Percula) peeks with his reflection, wondering what I`m doing now.
On Planet Earth, a few dreams to wake up with.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Taken in the twilight, this Hawkfish is almost asleep.
I should join him in otherworldly dreams, & if you click on his dreams you too can join in.
I`m a little swamped, so I`ll just send along my wishes for all of you to have a pleasant & fullfilling weekend.
Call someone you care about, please.
Over on Planet Earth, a few clouds of petals.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This blooming surprise is the first in apparently about half a dozen, which should open tomorrow.
I think I better rededicate this post to Janet, a fellow traveller, who I mistakenly called Judith, last week.
There are more at Planet Earth.
In the header, a RED SPOTTED BLENNY.
Have a calm day, please. It`s catchy.


Due to a technical error this post is retroactive to midnight.
This is a giant cup or "Elephant Ear" in the process of cloning.
Beyond it, is an image or two pertaining to Olivia`s question of Anemone movement. The images now show the anemone at the waterline. From "WALL SCONCE" to the waterline, could take as little as 5 mins. or as long as months.
Have a sunshiney day, & reserve some time fore play. Please.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I traded some of my anemones recently, but kept one for reproducing.
This one is the one that remained in my tank where I usually keep them.
For some reason, it didn`t seem to like it`s spot when there were more anemones, so it went & hid behind a piece of equipment. The Tomato Clown finally coaxed it out today, but it attached itself to the back wall, presenting a great opportunity to shoot it without distracting surroundings.
I shot some images for Andif`s Gorgeous Gang, & named them accordingly. Since it`s "Ladies Night" this image is for them.
This one is "WALL SCONCE". Another one is "TABLE BASE".
Have a nice week, & please hope for peace.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


 FLY IN MARBLE SHADOW 3 12x9To get my mind off of current events, I decided to make a traveling machine. I`m testing it with a green fly, not because it`s green, but because it can fly. It just happens to be green.
Ok, uh, oh yes, if the marble does noy fly, the fly will, & thus save itself from destruction.
Myself, being sharp as a marble, just like a post turtle, have not formulated a plan for failure.
The motto is.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
This little piece is not meant to actually fly. It`s only meant for me to learn & you to smile.
I have a Galaxea, on Planet Earth with it`s tentacles extended quite far.
These are called "sweepers" as they will sweep the area, looking for something to kill.
I always have my broom close at hand.
Have a nice week & be careful, not afraid. Please!


These delicious pears sre quite seedy, but if one can get past the pricks & the seeds, they make for a thirst quenching treat.
Here they are, served while still growing, presented as our main entree.
I`ll be adding more images of these lucious fuit as the day progresses. Time is a limiting factor for me, for a few more weeks,
so please bear with me, & grow a pear. I`ve added a few more pairs of pears as of now.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


 A STAR IS BORN DSCN2513 This SPS (small polyp stoney) coral is an Acropora.
There are hundreds of these Acroporas but I don`t identify them. Some people can, & some people can`t, but think they do.
If you notice on the center bottom, a small brown patch, is what I recognized on a piece of live rock at an aquarium shop.
I got that rock with a few snails, to at least make a purchase.
Three years later, that patch grew into this beautiful coral. You can see some small hairlike tentacles in the current at the top of the coral.
You may also notice some small yellow dots on it. These are Red Bugs, a small "pod" of some sort that many aquarists freak out over. I don`t let them bother me, as I pretty much keep my reefs as is. I let what happens, happen, if it`s not destructive as far as I`m concerned. Some pests I do eliminate.
On Planet Earth, my good friend Coconut, is nodding off to sleep, after a large plate of ribs we shared.
Have a nice weekend & get some rest, please.

Friday, October 5, 2007


 VASE 1 DSCN2468
Here are a few images I`m working on. The car wreck, I still have to select more green of the same plants that are growing out of the car. It`s tedious work. The Malibu Pier Coastline, I`m working on shooting it with the reflected flag in it.
I don`t want to ruin the flag, but it sure would be nice if it had a small hole in it for the lens.
I also included a taped version of the clam shell for NDD.
NDD, my estimate of your estimate being off, was correct. It is 36" across.
Please have a great thanksgiving. That goes for you too, Olivia.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


 Filtered 2select light  DSCN2372
One of the difficult things in photography is capturing the human form & portraits. (my opinion).
I find that children are easier than adults.
Adults are, for the most part, not appreciative of how difficult it is, unless the image is flattering to them, in their minds.
I never shoot adults. ( I`d like to shoot the rude ones), so I practice with my twin. This was taken today on the spur of the moment with no prep. The lighting was good & the bricks were there. For technical practice, every photographer should definitely take portraits as often as possible. It`s a humbling excersise. An old artist friend of mine, who I spent many years with, had portraits of his twin from the time he was 16 years old till age 70, painted in oils, every few years.
In the header, a drum circle of natives from the Great White Beyond. That`s higher up than the North one.
And for the revolution go have a drink on Planet Earth.
I`m falling asleep so I`ll wish you all a sunny day tomorrow & be sure to be nice to someone. Anyone, ..please.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


This damselfish is commonly called a "Humbug".
It is aggresive & should be kept with more agressive fish. It can take care of itself, but can antagonize more peaceful fish.
In the header, a Turbina leads the pack. The others behind it are different Zoas.
Today as shown on Planet Earth, I found a clam shell.
In one of the images, I included a soda can for scale.
It took me almost an hour to dig it out of the dirt & vegetation.
I was walking in an overgrown yard, when I glimpsed the unmistakeable convolutions of a clam from the Indio Pacific coral reefs. At first glance & even upon closer inspection, I still had no clue of it`s size , nor did I imagine it would be all there.
At least a beautiful half anyway.
So, good luck on your treasure hunts & you may find a heart.


Tonight on my way home, I stopped to help some strangers who seemed to be in need of help, or it was a staged event so our paths would cross.
I parked on the side of the road & walked back to their disabled car. I met a couple from Toronto, here by invitation to show the man`s (James) experimental film work.
We had a long talk on a myriad of subjects, & I was invited to the gallery where his project will be shown.
It wasn`t strange that nobody else stopped, but it was strange how in the dark of night the only person who did, had a connection with them.
Since this is "Ladies Night" on this blog, the honoree is Judith (I sure hope I got the name correctly). She is the stranger from Toronto.
On Planet Earth, a plate I found today, only about 4 inches across, has a handpainted young lady who reminds me a little of Ann Margaret. There`s a few rose tips beyond her.
In the header, for those of you who like the blues, a special collection of blue beauties.
Have a great day tomorrow, & stop to help a stranger if you think it`s safe.
For myself, I always stop, & let the other people determine if I`m safe.

Monday, October 1, 2007


A link from Olivia, set me on this path to present some of my flowers in different frames. These are quite simple to create.
The image on Planet Earth, although it looks like an "effect" is actually a shot I took today & didn`t realize how the tree grows out of it`s reflection.
The header is from a new horizon.
Have a healthy week ahead, & treat yourself to an icecream if you`ve been good.
If you`ve been bad, you`ve probably already eaten one.