Thursday, May 28, 2009


This little clownfish is usually lost.
It can always be found in the coral head it calls home.
Here it is popping out at a best guessed location.
I only have a few more images attached, because I was outside shooting the first night blooms on my Cereus cactus.
You`ll see them tomorrow night, I`m sure.
Enjoy & if someone can tell me the theme of Friday`s FFFF, I would be indebted.


This is a single image post tonight, but I`ll have many more images from this series I shot over two days posted tomorrow.
This is a Percula Clownfish & it calls home, the Green Torch Coral, it spends all it`s time in & around.
It`s always a guessing game, as to where it will poke it`s head out of the mass of green globules.
It shares this coral head with another similar looking clownfish called a False Percula, though they are different species.
Most fish of different species usually don`t use the same home base nor get along that well, but these two species are a bright exception to the rule.
You`ll see them together tomorrow, if I can get them both in the same shot, in an acceptable composition.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here`s the promised posting of my pond visit.
There are many images of my time there, & I`ve posted a "Comfort Zone" from which to view other images on Planet Earth.
Have a nice visit & enjoy the tropical plantings.
I have a different surprise theme for tomorrow, so please be well in the meantime.


Poppy growing in my yard
Bright sunshine, ocean wind, blowing hard.
A twisted petal, lesson learned,
Good & bad times, memories earned.

I linked more of the flower in question from yesterday, with the forensic "tooth-cut".
I now think the deer have been in the yard.
It`s either deer or penguins.
I also added a very similar blossom as yesterday`s although It had closed up a little since I`d first reported it.
This closing is due to the sunshine, & not it`s demise.
The surprise I had promised for today will have to wait till tomorrow, but I did put a preview shot on Planet Earth.
Have a great day tomorrow, Please.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


A flower I just found in my yard.
It is growing by itself & I have no idea what kind of flower it is.
Any hints?
Have a nice day.
I`ll have a few surprises tomorrow.
That`s it for today except for a bunch more linked to this one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Richard Sawyer, My Friend

 DICK SAYWER 7.5x10 DSCN6880
My old friend Dick, passed away last night.
He was the best.
The linked pix are of some of the things we worked on together.
The patches of the POW camps where Dick spent a lot of time after being shot down on the 26th mission in a B-17, were patches I made for his museum in Tucson, Arizona.
The paintings commissioned by Dick to give to some of his crew members I enlarged from slide transparencies.
He was generous to a "T" to both myself & Teri.
I`ll be missing him.


A few pix from my main yard.
These blue flowers are just a very small bunch from a large tree covered with them.
I have more beyond this image.
That`s it for tonight.
Have a great day, every day, Please.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Teri& the baby
I`m just posting a new pic of grandma & Finn, to keep busy while I get more details on a car crash Teri & her son Voss were involved in tonight, in London.
All involved were not hurt, but I`m a little busy trying to figure the implications for all involved.
Don`t worry, No One Was Hurt.
They wouldn`t lie to me.
Hopefully the grandparents don`t access the blog.
Have a nice day.
I put a mix of images behind this one.
Some will recognize a few of them. (maybe)
Thank the lord no harm came to Teri

Monday, May 18, 2009


 2 DSCN6627
As promised here`s a set of images from one of my little yards.
I`ve linked all the inset images to the large main image.
That`s it for today.
I hope you enjoy.
I`ll shoot some of my other yards soon.
It`s all about colors, isn`t it?
Keep smiling, Please.


First let`s get this straight.
I dedicated past posts to certain special people.
Today this one is for Nancy P.
For reasons unknown, my Purple Bubble Tipped Anemone, decided to go on walkabout.
This is not that unusual, but normally after a long period of time in one location, most anemones don`t move about.
The nice thing about this, is that one can rest a little more easy, knowing the other corals are safe.
My other corals, though capable of deadly harm to each other, are non-sessile.
They remain where I introduce them into the reef, taking care to place them with future growth in mind, in such a way that there is no conflict down the road.
The anemone though, can decide to move to a different location, putting other corals in danger.
I`ll be keeping a close watch on it, & if necessary, move corals out of it`s final/temporary location.
It`s commensurate clownfish, a Tomato Clown, is upset about this move, as it has to protect it no matter where it moves to, an inconvenience for the Clown.
As you can see, this anemone is an uncommon beauty.

Another uncommon beauty, is at Planet Earth, a little preview of some images I`ll do a posting on tomorrow.
This is in one of my little treasure caches at my place, a side yard I don`t think I`ve shown to many people.
In the header, another shot of the anemone, but beyond it are a few shots I work on regularly, capturing birds & doing portraits. All photographers should practice doing self portraits as it allows leeway in criticism, while avoiding the same from family members or friends who do not understand how difficult it really is.
I learned this from an old artist friend of mine while we were going over self portraits of him from when he was sixteen years old.
He was over seventy at the time, & we looked over these portraits painted every 3/5 years. His whole life was laid bare.
Enjoy tomorrow, & come back tomorrow to see my yard if you`d like to.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just a few images from beyond the present tense, here & on Planet Earth.
I hope I find out the theme for FFFF before tomorrow night.
I`ll be sequestered here for the week-end catching up on household chores.
It`s just perfect here weather-wise & I wish the same for you all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just a few images here & a "new crop" including cactus blooms on Planet Earth.
Have a nice day, Please.


Here`s the presentation of Finn, Teri`s first grandson.
There are a few more attached.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Tonight, a short post.
I`m still exhausted from walking for hours in Venice on Sunday.
I did put one image on Planet Earth, to show the background of some of my cactus blooms.
Have a great day.
I also got sunburned.

Monday, May 11, 2009


The image of a Lawnmower Blenny, posted for Coneflower is titled "Mind Expansion", & as you can see, it is using the audio from the receptive arrayed "Elephant Ear" coral, to tune in to where any algae may be. It can then zero in on the received data to go forth & eliminate it, the function of it`s nomenclature.

On Planet Earth, one can observe the last stage of a Green Polyped Leather coral, in the process of cloning itself through "fission".
I will collect the new specimens, attach them to a base, (of random reef rubble) & set them in an appropriate location to fill out the growing reef.
The header, a composite of the same cactus bloom from a few images, is linked to images encompassing these blooms in multiple stages of the flowering process.

I`m not done yet.
I met a young man (How`s that Mitch) on the boardwalk in Venice today who had some of his work on display.
We talked for a little about his techniques, & I was very impressed with the results. The extravagance of his pieces leave you wondering whether you`re viewing photographic prints, or painted canvases.
Please do go to this link, & mention how you feel about his art. You will be astounded, I promise.
I hope you all had as wonderful a day as I did, with my daughter & granddaughters, revisiting places such as the boardwalk, where many years ago, we`d go to forget my troubles.
I haven`t been far from home for a long time, but even in a place like Venice, I was quite surprised at how many people loved my beard. Some ladies wished to feel it. I refused. Ya right. Men wanted to know how long it took to grow. I always tell them real men can grow a beard of this length quite rapidly, probably 3/4 months.

Hah, I remember years ago someone asked me that same question & I told him the secret was cigarette ash. His friends later told me he walked around with the contents of an ashtray smeared on his face.
Here Mitch`s link.
Do go check it out.

Friday, May 8, 2009


This is a little special post for Lisa M.
I really should start my "Ladies Night" again, but then again, I only meet so many of those.
Deep in thought, of memories past, with visions of riders of the purple sage, this figure of female grace has always restrained my glance from wandering, till I at least gave thought to her wonderings.
I`ve had this statue in differing locations in my gardens, past & present, & I can not pass by without feeling for those in the world who must have the exact same look.
I don`t know what the look means, but if it`s enough to make me wonder, I`ll never stop admiring the lady I love to have as company, in my gardens.
The baby is born, Finn is his name. I think it was 18 lbs. & 22 inches long.
Does that sound right?
Whatever, lets hope he has a great long life, which I wish for all of you.
Another thing,
On Planet Earth, I have a bunch of different stuff for you to check out.
I wonder if anybody can identify "The Judge", which is one of the images linked in the main post.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HAYLIE, Guest blogger

#22 X
This posting contains select images Haylie took while her mom is visiting her in Scotland.
At this very moment, Haylie is giving birth to her first child, a baby boy.
The images are of Scotland`s yards & the ghosts who therein, dwell.
Enjoy your trip.


Behind the green door, is a "GREEN SEAT" in the garden, seen here at sunset.
Come on in & sit for a little. The gods & dragons in the garden will be pleased.
Have a great tomorrow, Please.

Monday, May 4, 2009


The surprise of nature`s devices to shock, are evident in the colors this poor bird has to carry throughout it`s long life.
Isn`t nature great.
Have a nature day & enjoy the colors.


California poppy from my back yard.
I`ve got some blooms opening, maybe tomorrow.
Stay tuned.
On Planet Earth, more from my yard.
Have a great dat, Please.