Sunday, December 30, 2007


This is a framed picture in our kitchen. I took a few shots of stuff around the house today. There are more of the Bird of Paradise, also.
In the header, some recent reef shots with a special one for Evangeline. I hope it`s the one I said I`d find for her. It`s the Samurai Armored Hermit.
On Planet Earth, a stained glass window study.
I hope you all have a Happy New Year, & that with a combined effort, we might see a more peaceful planet.
The images I post are not only for your enjoyment but for mine also. If you`d like any special themes posted, shout out, I might be able to accomodate your wishes.
The slide show is where I could use some suggestions. Name a theme, & I`ll switch the show.
I`ll switch to beaches for tonight, so you can see how it works, if you hadn`t figured it out.
Good Night

Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is a wild parrot from the flocks that follow the maturing fruit on local trees.
Beyond this image, besides the usual variety, is an update on the Bird of Paradise bloom that sped up it`s developement, more rapidly than I could record it.
There`s also a smiling pot to cheer some people up when I think they need it. You know who you are.
Have a nice day tomorrow, & make sure you get plenty of rest.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Some may easily be influenced by forces they presume they cannot control.
Others relinquish control voluntarily as a relief of burden. How foolish.
Still others feel they have to assume control of others.
I think self hypnosis is the cause of these feelings. We can all make ourselves believe what is most convenient for our agenda, but we should never lose track of the fact that personal accountability is the only trait that if practiced, one can`t be faulted for.
I`ve been mesmerized by a fool who has made me write giberish. I don`t know since when but it has got to stop now. One of you should have told me.

In the header, a Bird of Paradise takes wing. It`s on my deck & I`ll try & follow it`s opening till it can fly.
On Planet Earth, a venomous Rabbitfish. This particular image shows the fish with it`s spines extended out in a defensive posture. These are poisonous spines.
There are more images in all the usual hiding places.
Good night.

Monday, December 24, 2007


This is the kind of fire that keeps those who live here, warm.
Have a nice day & enjoy your respective families.
Bite your tongue, if you must, & realize, it`s not always about you.
All wounds, over time will heal & it`s nice to be remembered for the things that you do
rather than be remembered for the scars.
Open up a little bit, to that person you don`t quite remember why you don`t particularily like.
See, I told you it wasn`t important. Think of what it might mean to them, after wondering all these years.
This is really a reminder to myself. If it may prove useful to you, read it again to make sure I wasn`t putting a guilt trip on anyone.
Now I`m off & away!!
Up Homey, & Honey & Nicki & Bill
Come on & pull harder to get over the hill.
Up, up, Milo, one eyed cat from Berdoo,
Up Up my white winged one, like good Coconuts do.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Taken last evening with the sun illuminating the young dreamer from behind.
Ooops Have a nice day of rest. I`ll try also.
There`s some interesting things in the header & on Planet Earth.
They are solely for your enjoyment & are absolutely gratis.

Friday, December 21, 2007


This shot is from my new viewing spot at my house.
I had mentioned previously that the horizon was just below the tree line, in past shots.
Now, I have an elevated platform from which I can see the ocean`s horizon.
I`m thrilled with the new view. I hope you are also.
Connected to this, there are a few more & a couple that I modified for your viewing pleasure. One is a cove I made from the same sunset & the other is the eyes in the skies.
Have a bright sunny day & keep your skates sharp.
There is also a little blue eyed Blenny, observing also.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


This tree in deep freeze was taken up in BIG BEAR, during one of my ski trips some years ago.
I didn`t want anyone to think that we don`t have winter`s beauty to enjoy also.
No, don`t feel bad, it`s only a short trip from the beaches here to the ski slopes. We`re just fine.
Thank you though for thinking we were left out.
Am I bad to bring it up. NO.
The header has a sample of weavings done by weaver birds.
By clicking the header or Planet Earth, you`ll see a more detailed image of what these macrame makers can do.
If you leave a towel or a burlap bag within their reach, they will unravel it, & weave it back into what they think should have been done with the material in the first place.
The other remarkable thing about them is that they can weave a considerable amount in a relatively short time.
Tonight the little slideshow at the top right is of a fish theme. It is also linked.
Throw your credit cards away if you don`t trust your power of self denial.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Here`s Blenny, being coy. This little attention seeker is in an inverted clamshell.
Clicking on the image will bring you to a lapse in the space time continuum.
"First Blood" is the first digital image of the Bangaii Cardinalfish I ever took, while, "The Mime" is the last, about 1 hour ago.

If you haven`t noticed, there are a few different features of possible interest at my place.
At the top right is a themed slideshow of different photographers` artwork.
The images are all linked to the artists who created them, & I will be changing the theme of the running slide show on a daily basis hopefully.
The next new feature is the "Now Public" news digest, a compilation of news from around the world, by members of the world community of humans.
The "Now Public" called Gidget (the Widget) has an interesting article on the lower right of the opening page, (just click on NOW PUBLIC)
Titled, "Chicago, see a camera, call 911". It`s an article on what John Q Public is supposed to do immediately upon seeing one of us, practicing our right to take pictures. Hint: Alert Homeland Security, then immediately call 911.
The news site is a community effort & is ameliorated by the posting of images related in some way to the storyline, by people like us/you, (if there`s a difference).
Well I guess I`ve taken up enough of your time. Now, let`s see ,.. hmm I wonder how much patience you have .... I was thinking...
Oh, I know, have a great day.


I call these Pink Ladies of Malibu, although I believe someone told me their real name.
So I`ll stick with my AKA.
These blooms are found in the hills here, & in overgrown areas of untended gardens.
Maybe I like them because they seem to have an independant streak.
They seem to, all of a sudden, present themselves, as if they know that even without an invitation, they would never be turned away.
These were shot last summer I think. It`s been raining here for a couple of days, & revisiting these blosoms is a preview of what this welcome rain will bring.
The black hills will soon be an emerald green also. The cycle of nature here, although over time is a regular one, the individual chords of it are often seemingly catastrophic. Those times are fast forgotten, when the hills are born again in wildflower pastels.
I hid a sig on some of the linked images while leaving a few images with a discernable one. See if you can find the hidden ones.
Have a nice day.
Oh, wave at someone. They`ll wave back if you have the proper smile on.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


 Iris in the house.DSCN3410
It`s ladies night again, so today this post will be to celebrate one of Teri`s little friends.
This is what Teri is about.
This is Iris, in an image I don`t think anybody has seen previously.
This is one I took when she lived in the house with the rest of the flock. She was a freeflyer so we had to be careful to not let her escape until she was ready for the big outdoors.
At this time, Iris had just begun to fly & it was imperative that she have the best of nutrients for her future wellbeing. That`s why I lived for a few weeks in a funeral parlor.
Actually, the new potted flowering plants that Teri brought in on a daily basis from the local plant shop down the road, made it seem like a funeral parlor. Nothing but the best for this little angel.
As you can see from linking to the header image, Iris was a tiny little thing but with the heart a million times bigger.
You can see her doing practice flights off of my hand. She has the daintyest landing gear I`ve ever seen, except maybe on a little shrimp I once had. (With ketchup)
There`s a little cold weather finch beyond the main post, & a series of ,"Hey, check these out honey" shots, from my tanks.
Stay safe & warm, please.
From the reports I hear, many of you have severe weather conditions to contend with. Don`t take chances that may put you or yours in harms way.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

KENDRA, A special guest blog surprise.

This bird , in a sea of fire, was taken by Kendra, a young lady from Malibu. Many people, who only see Malibu from the screen of television, may not know that there are some beautiful & quite talented youngsters living in this paradise by the sea.
Kendra is one of these young people.
I hope you all enjoy her images, taken a short walk from her house on the southern edge of Paradise Cove, looking towards Point Dume.
In the header, some electronic christmas trees, a little satire on electronic cash registers that seem to be so important to the marketers of chinese junk.
On Planet Earth, A Brain Coral swollen to maximum extension. You can see the little tentacles on it`s border ridges, & also the transparent dorsal fin of Blenny the Lawnmower.
And Please have a safe & warm day tomorrow. Don`t forget the rice.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


 RED CROW (Floyd Westerman) 2 DSCN8469
A nice man I met years ago, & talked to occasionally, has passed on. Strangely, I had a dream about him about a month ago. The next morning, while driving here in Malibu, I spotted Max Gail, a long time friend of this man & also a casual acquaintance of mine.
I parked my truck, & went across the street to talk to Max, & to recount that I had dreamt about Red Crow, & asked how he was. Max told me he was fine. He always asks about my daughter, & after a little small talk we said goodbye.
The End.
Today I read that Red Crow had died on Thursday. Here`s a link to a bio of
Floyd Red Crow Westerman.
I`m including a few quotes of his also. He was an American Indian activist, a songwriter, an actor & all around good guy.

"And I told them not to dig for uranium, for if they did, the children would die. They didn't listen, they didn't listen, they didn't listen to me. And I told them if the children die, there would be no keepers of the land. They didn't listen. And I told them if they destroy the sky, machines would come and soon destroy the land. They didn't listen... And I told them if they destroy the land, man would have to move into the sea. They didn't listen... And I told them if they destroy the sea -- they didn't listen..." -From the Floyd Westerman song "They Didn't Listen" as Westerman recited the lyric concluding his testimony in 1992 at the World Uranium Hearings in Salzburg, Austria[1].

"There is an ancient Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it. My people have come to trust memory over history. Memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable while history serves only those who seek to control it, those who douse the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth. Beware these men for they are dangerous themselves and unwise. Their false history is written in the blood of those who might remember and of those who seek the truth." -Floyd Westerman as Albert Hosteen in The X-Files episode "The Blessing Way"


A Paper Bark tree.
I was out listening to the natural music but now just identified another back-up singer to the usual band members. I can hear a California Sea Lion barking down on the beach.
I don`t think they like snow.
Tomorrow, more beach images so you won`t forget winter is a short time. A lovely one from what I remember of it.

Friday, December 14, 2007


A little corner for the grandchildren. Beyond this image is one depicting a weather scout about to catch some beetles with his net, as two others do some icefishing at Olivia`s hockey rink.
On Planet Earth, a rose shot today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is one of my easier to view 3D images. Just cross your eyes over the image & a 3D one will appear in the center. It may be easier to view it if you click on it for a larger version. On Planet Earth, you`ll see what the cat looks like when viewing the 3D pix.
In the header, last night`s sunset with a larger version beyond.
Have a great day, & do enjoy the snow you have. I don`t have any. Bwaaahaha

Monday, December 10, 2007

2147 AD

This trio is from a story I did for a little special friend of mine. I`ll be seeing him during the next few days & hopefully I`ll be able to take a few shots of us. There`s a slew of other family members attached to this image.
In the header, Teri`s reef garden. She transplanted this complete garden when we moved & it is doing as well as my tank reefs.
Beyond the reef garden is an assortment of wacko shots from the past.
Over on Planet Earth, I mellowed things out a bit, from having spying monkeys, to having flying spunkeys.
Except for the blue one, which belongs to a friend, the babies presented are all ones that we rescued, raised & for the most part, released.
Enjoy the images, & hopefully it will make for a little break in your otherwise busy lives.
I hope the prying eyed monkey didn`t bother you all too much.
Have a great day.

Here`s looking at you

This is a quick drive by. Have a great day, & I`ll see y`all later.

Friday, December 7, 2007


This Hawkfish`s attitude of bravado, is merely misdirection. The gossip is that he`s been getting a little on the side, with a long legged beauty that has finally come out of her shell. It is exemplary to want to protect a ladies honor, but hypocritical to have an in your face attitude when busted. And you Mr. Hawkface, are busted. You may access the tabloid shot of the two of them in flagrens delecti by clicking on the image.
In the header, for all you writers out there, a challenge awaits.
The site is not only interesting & educational, but also helps feed the world.
It will improve your vocabulary & at the sme time I`m challenging you to best me in my knowldge of words. My score is linked to the header image. For each correct word, 10 grains of rice are added to the tons already ammassed for this project. My score reflects none wrong so far. A perfect score is fifty but 48 is rarely attained. If you make a mistake your score goes down. How good are you & do you want to improve?
Feed the hungry & challenge yourself.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This image I took in 1970 from the shore on Hermosa Beach in 1971. I developed the film (maybe/maybe not) or used the slide to print this image myself using the Ciba Chrome color process. This was the first color printing I had ever done & coming after black & white I saw the world in a new light. I sent it to my mom, & it hung in the livingroom of our house till after she broke through to the other side. After my dad passed away, my family sent it to me a few years ago. I scanned it a while ago but now the original is hanging in my house. So on reflection, sunsets never go away, there`s always one going on somewhere. May the sun never set on your dreams.
Have a nice sunshiney day & sing a tune lalallaaala Goodnight. I`ve gone off the deep end.
A demain.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I did a little homework tonight, a study in light & motion.
I`ve been working quite a bit lately on some projects that are physically demanding, so I`m going to have to simply wish you a nice sunny day tomorrow. Even if it`s snowing or pouring rain, remember that wishes are meant to lift the spirit. I`m off for some much needed sleep. On Planet Earth, a little thought for us all to remember that there are some in this world that need the warmth of just knowing that some one cares.
The other images are only excercises in ice, transparency, light & how to shoot things that seem to not be present, but look like they`re moving.
Good night.

Monday, December 3, 2007


I had a hard time tonight deciding which image to post out of the three slide shows attatched. If you would be so kind to pick one out of them all, so I might see any differences in what some of you prefer.
I wonder, if you all pick the same one, if you`re all crazy.
This post has a special set of images for Ms Nancy p, over on Planet Earth. It is Tuesday, ladies night. ( Not that there`s anything wrong with you other beauties out there)
Also, if you remember the "Innie Outtie" post, there`s a "Smootches" on the other side.
In the header, you can all see what a dog`s eye looks like, looking at you.
Have a perfect day tomorrow & try to smile, ..Please

Sunday, December 2, 2007


To start off the week, I figured on putting a smile on your faces.
There`s a few more edibles on the backside of the post image.
On Planet Earth, a Bangaii Cardinal cruises the reef face, & I put a few surprises in the header.
Have a nice fresh start this week, please.

Saturday, December 1, 2007