Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A little tale to tell is why I must continue.
And hope that what I have to say, will not jump out & sting you.
A boring drone turned out to be a cloud of swarming bees,
Some people so afraid of them fall prostrate on their knees.
They came and landed close to me, & buzzed around a while,
I watched them all look for a home, it made me even smile.
As with a group of animals, there`s always one who`s king,
I swear that when I saw him it was me that he would sting.
The others were all peaceful, just protecting their fat queen,
But from now on I will approach only covered up in screen.

In the header, there are some images of a bee swarm I saw at work today. I realized they were hoping to build a hive in a quite inappropriate place so I called a "beekeeper" to come & retrieve them. In the meantime I took a few shots of the swarm, which necessitated my insertion into a cabinet they had accessed from the back. I gingerly opened the front doors of the cabinet trying not to aggravate them with my banging, struggling to get the stuck doors opened. I finally got the thing opened but would put my ear to the doors during this assault to see if I could notice any furious buzzing.
There they were, a nice big pile of sting. Anyway I got my head in there with my camera, & took a few shots. I told them it was cool, I was just a hobbyist & not a professional. Well as we all know, there`s always a jerk in any large crowd, although I believe he was disoriented rather than jerky, but I got stung anyway. That`s when I started screaming like a little girl NOT.
I backed away slowly & removed the stinger, careful not to squeeze more venom into my arm, then went & took the rest of the shots.
Then I found a frog. Now my arm didn`t hurt anymore, but all the blood around the frog was making me queasy.. (no it wasn`t).
So that was the way my day was without mentioning a very surprising turn of events with a three year old child that became my best friend today. That was the most important part of my life since many days. I`ll recount his & my tale at a later date.
Meanwhile do make your days interesting, if not for you, then for all the others that are watching you whether you think they are or not. Have a great day.

On Planet Earth, a few more 3D`s.
Anyone who has trouble seeing them, might try to get some advice from someone who got on her/his knees & prayed.
He/she claims it works.
Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


This little tableau, is a composite of some shots from a very dear person. A long time ago traveler, & partner in crime, in more ways than one, she has now devoted her time to enjoying life on her terms. She had been immersed in her family, now they`re on their own, cause momma`s free now. Well, plus they`re all grown up.
These are images from her yard & her visit to a glass sculpture exhibit.
Oh! did I mention; she`s my sister.
Individual shots from the main post are linked. I like the way she has captured the fine details in the reflections.
In the header, a few images from a trip up the coast, & on Planet Earth, my favorite veggie, for both body & soul.
Have a nice day & remember Spring is about to sprang.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is the other half of the pair in symbiosis. It is not known how these two living things, amazing in their own right, could form a bond that is unbelievably strong.
I have moved some of these anemones where the clown has leaped inside it.
I had not realized it until later while transporting the anemone in a bucket.
At other times while removing an anemone, the clown would leap up above the water surface trying to protect it, or seek refuge in it.
Now, I just start another reef if I have to remove an anemone that is paired with a clown fish.
When they get to know each other, & it does take a little time depending on many things, the clown will suckle on the tentacles. Now, if any other fish did this, he would either be an idiotfish, a perverted masochistfish, or a deadfish.
The clown fish brings food to the anemone & often will dive down into it ( I call it 'toughed' diving )& cuddle up in there for a nap.
These two are on a lifelong trip. Good luck to them both.
What a beautiful couple.
In the header, a 5 shot composite that I doubled over for the format size.
The bean sprout on Planet Earth, is in 3D.
It is a very good example of the 3D shots I do & easy to bring into view. If you view it, try tilting the screen towards you at the top or away from you at the bottom.
The leaves come way out of the monitor.
Think of ducking out of the way, when something came at you while wearing those red & green glasses.
In the meanwhile, I hope your skies are clear (for the eclipse) as well as your skin, (for your well being).
Good night, & do be "gruntled", please.
I don`t like disgruntled people.

Monday, February 18, 2008


As I`m getting a little better at taking images of this Rose Bubble Tipped Anemone, I thought I`d better post one.
I know some of you liked this one, & it does now seem to be establishing itself comfortably in it`s present location.
Sometimes it takes a while for an anemone to find it`s "spot". In the meantime it may wander around the reef trying to avoid too strong a current or searching for better light. While this travel is ongoing, it does harm to other sessile specimens that do not have the luxury of being able to move out of the anemone`s way, thus suffering damage, sometimes fatally, from it`s stinging nematocysts.
It is on a piece of rock which has numerous cavities on it wherein the anemone may move to, if for whatever reason, it might feel in peril. It has been moving into the protection of these cavities since I introduced it to this reef, a direct result of an over enamored clown fish. They now have gotten used to each other & the clown fish will be very possessive of it`s host.
On Planet Earth, I have a 3D shot of a sprouted seed from an unknown, (by Teri & I) species. She acquired it from her daughter who just recently moved to England. The germinated seed is as big as a peanut in the shell.
In the header, a little tin racer, I received this week end from my sister in law, who was a member of our teenage gang, which incidentally numbered over 450 members. This gang was a self governed group of enthusiasts from many different areas of interests. We had organized sports teams that included softball, baseball, volley ball, basketball etc. We had cyclo touring groups & went on two weeks rides around the province. Camping trips were almost every weekend for at least some age group. Sat. night was time for our dances at teen town. My brothers wife & my childhood friend was an integral part of this extensive gang, who challenged all comers from different parishes in the surrounding towns, to their respective sports teams.
My brother & her, Arlette just left today after arriving last Thursday. We had a great but too short a time.
Since the little metal racer had no driver`s head, yet a driver`s body, I had to include a little PS in showing off this gift properly. As we had been laughing at some other item that Teri got at the garage sale where the racer came from I decided to use that figurine`s head for the main driver. We were laughing at him because "Hercules" looks very much like a friend of ours.
I`m off to snoozerville & hope you all enjoy your day tomorrow, regardless of the opinion you may have of the person which position, though ill fitted , he represents.
(Too long to proof read tonight, as I would miss any errors, if any, due to my eyes closing in on me from all sides.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Spring walk1
Today I went for a walk & did not encounter any pervert flowers, nor any barn yard animals.
Even though it was on the wild side, in a state park a mile from our house, it was a nice spring day to enjoy the sounds of gently tumbling water, yet also the exciting rock hopping, while crossing the creek four times each way on a 3/4 mile hike.
Enjoy the green walk please.
There is a little peeping tom lurking around though, for those who enjoy seeing the Blenny watching.
Have a great long week end.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


For all you ladies out there, these images are from a walk I took this morning to let you know I do appreciate your visits.
On Planet Earth I do have something for the guys.
Have a nice day & stay healthy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I received a few color requests regarding yesterday`s post. One was off the blog record, but I swear it`s legit.
My newly married niece (in law?) who just spent a year in Japan with my nephew asked me for something red.
She gets her wish & many more with this, Red Rose Next To A Fence.
C`est pour toi, Valerie.
Nacy P, also hoped for something blue (Hopefully I don`t get the something borrowed, something new spiel...)
I tried my best Nancy P, & also included a temple that I made a point of stopping at, to try & get some pix.
I`ll do better next time hopefully. I couldn`t get as close as I wanted to, without the risk of being a trespasser.
The blue flower does have a nice little center that reminds me of a bottle of wine & some cheese & crackers.
Look closely.
You can always request colors. It`s a motivator for me to keep my eye open for that hidden splash, on my daily outings.
Be one with the snow, it will make you warmer.

Monday, February 11, 2008


 White shadowed 1
In keeping with trying to convince you that spring is not far off, here`s a few more pictures of the colors that are popping up on a daily basis.
I`m really only trying to help. Don`t hate me for it.
How deep is the snow in your areas.
Was that mean?
Tell me a color & I`ll see if I can find a bloom to please your palette.
Smiles are free. Have one, on me.


DSCN5853 copy
These yellow pinwheels are in the front garden. There are dozens of these. The cover shot on Planet Earth are very nice little belles. I don`t know what the names are for any of these flowers but they are colorful.
Also on Planet Earth there are some shots of my Buckminster Fuller cactus in bloom & a red succulent with a fly on it. I don`t know if it`s on the surface towards the viewer or if it is a shadow seen through the translucent leaf.
You decide.
Have a nice day of warmth if possible & I hope the people are safe in the fires in the southern states.
My birthday was yesterday so that`s over with. I`m full from a few cakes I got, & a huge bag of dried blueberries from Washington state.
I still have plenty of the berries left.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I`ll just leave it at this.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I revisited a place of beauty today & took some shots of this Mongol eyed princess. It is a fountain that spills over her head creating her character over time. Magnolias are in the header & have many more linked to it, while on Planet Earth, a Rufus Hummingbird sits on a few eggs that are the size of jellybeans. The small kind of jellybean.
Please be nice to animals, & have a great day.


 A1 DSCN5739
Originally featured as "DREAM CAR" at the 1953 GM`S MOTORAMA, it then became the official presidential automobile for Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Here is my 1953 CADILLAC ELDORADO, soft top.
Sleep well.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is a blossom pod of a Monkey Clock, about to open. There are hundreds of them opening here at my house.
The other blossoms are also from around the yard.
The lavender ones are from a succulent variety, and the petals are very reflective.
The header is a depiction of attracting & opposing forces in balance.
Please stay focused & in balance, the better to see where fate takes you.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


red hots 1741
Since it seems to be cold everywhere, including here, although to a lesser extent, I post this image to try & warm the place up.
It seems soft to me with warm colors. I hope it helps to take the chill off. Attached to this image are a "before & after" pair of images, I took out of a magazine a few years ago, because I admired the tree. I removed the elements in it to better appreciate the subject. There was no credit for the photographer but I still will try & find him/her to properly credit the image.
On Planet Earth, a Colt Coral in a friend`s tank. It is called a soft coral because it has no skeleton.
There are a few other images along with it, and one with a bunch of fish & their reflections to show how difficult it is sometimes to take a photo of an individual subject in my tanks.
Please keep warm & I hope you have a pleasant tomorrow.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Last night`s sunset is the Pink Flamingo on nature`s lawn.
In keeping with a pink theme, on Planet Earth, is another of nature`s marvels.
This is one of my anemone clones that is doing very well.
I hope it retains the color it has rather than the color of the mother clone, which is darker reddish brown. The color of most corals is determined by the color of the microscopic life that live in them. This color in turn is often determined by the lighting used for their healthy well being.
In the header, a gilded goddess, with a peaceful demeanor.
Have a great week end, please.