Monday, March 31, 2008


 Amor Veneris, vel dulcedo DSCN7256
"Amor Veneris, vel dulcedo"
It`s a little strange that I reveal some of my past experiences but going through some of my files from my post- doctoral studies, I came across this. I had not really forgotten about this particular paper I wrote, rather, I guess, I preferred to stash it away in the back of my mind.
In the early seventies while doing some of my research at the Allen Memorial Institute, in molecular biology, I came across a study on extra-terrestrial organic metals & the possibilities of organic reproduction in non human survivability conditions. (NHSC)
I had to go through the usual UFO "experts" accumulations of the worst drivel one can imagine, but then I met someone who was very convincing in his theoretical & practical knowledge of organic metals. As we became more comfortable with each other, as fellow researchers, he let me in on a few of his secrets. I have no idea of the origin of some of his specimens but suffice it to say, I didn`t really care. The unreal nature of some of his discoveries, or finds, led me to the conclusion that he appreciated the fact that I was not concerned in their origins as much as the artifacts themselves. The one pictured here is made of a substance I`ve never experienced before. I say "experienced" because to see it, feel it, smell it, & hold it was quite unbelievable. It felt warm, yet cold at the same time. It seemed like there was no time progression in it`s state, because over the period of about two months it never seemed to be any different. It didn`t dry out, yet it wasn`t wet nor even damp. It was like no other state of matter I had ever seen or heard about.
I was allowed the privilege of taking some shots of this particular specimen & no other one would have given me as much satisfaction for the same privilege. He finally started a discussion on organic metals, I believe as a way to introduce me to some of his heretofore unspoken of discoveries, especially concerning this one. From what I could understand, his claim was that this was a life-form`s precursor to reproducing itself, by morphing into it`s future embodiment. He was explaining this phenomenon when I noticed, in front of my eyes, the form of what appeared to be a female merging into itself from what was moments earlier a seemingly solid item. It began to give off a reddish glow, or maybe a glow was growing from inside it.
When he realized that I was seeing this transformation, everything changed. His attitude became one of distrust. This was almost immediate. He gave me a quick brush off with a flimsy excuse about something or other, then closed the case that this specimen & a few other ones were stored in.
He then proceeded to act like everything was just fine, & that after his trip to Tuscon the next week, we`d get together again.
I never saw him again. I tried for a few years to locate him at different institutes he had mentioned during our approximately 6 month collaborations.
The only thing that I`m almost convinced of, is that he overlooked the fact that I had taken a few shots of this unusual item. I had noticed on the top of the compartment of the storage case where this one was kept, a small inscription.
"Amor Veneris, vel dulcedo"
I hope one day to meet him again, to learn more about what happened that last day, but until then & up till now, I`m mystified. If any of you have .. no it`s ok.
I`m rambling now.
Please have a nice day tomorrow.
For Andif, I have a few edges from our reef rock garden, over on Planet Earth.
Beyond the main post image is a walk through Vilija`s Garden. Enjoy & be kind to animals, please.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


A few shots of the juicy looking flowers I shot on a little field trip today.
On Planet Earth, a few darker shots of some blossoms on a tree with dark burgundy leaves.
A few edges for Andif, & a "Spirographic" shot for the phractal phreaks.
The header shot connects to the same slide show as the main post image.
All of the shots here were taken from the other side of the fence, pictured in the "Likeadaiseycal" show.
Have a great day of rest tomorrow, & I hope you all had a good Earth Hour.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


These panels were constructed in my workshop, using only flowers growing wild in our yard, a few clicks & my homework tricks.
I couldn`t let Andif down seeing as her flowers haven`t shown themselves yet. I expect a return on this investment when her wildflowers bloom. (hint, hint)
On Planet Earth, a cactus in our reef garden, I call the "Pope`s Hat", has a few blooms on it. It will flower periodically over the summer. I`m quite surprised that it is blooming so early & that it is at all, since we transplanted it from our other house just a few months ago.
Have a great week end.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Scotch Broom is what I`ve always known this to be called. It grows in a very specific elevation & in only one canyon in great numbers here in Malibu. As you start up & over the canyon, you`d start to see it at about one mile & continuously for another two. That`s it. It is on both sides of the road & grows up to about 20 feet tall. A tea can be brewed out of the petals, although I haven`t tried that yet. The smell of these blooms is awesome, & will scent the whole canyon in a few weeks when they really go off. I used to pick a bunch (it`s illegal) & drill a 1 1/2 " hole part way into the end of a wooden beam, creating a vase. I always had a bunch at my work sites when they were in bloom. I`ll make one & show you. A bit of water in the bore hole would keep the ends dampened for a good while.
The header is made from some blooms on a mini tree I got from a neighbor to one of my project sites a few days ago. I surprised Teri with it. The other, more mauve, blossoms in the header link, are from some very tall trees growing in the same canyon as the Scotch Broom, although I have no idea what they are. They are maybe 30 feet tall & covered with these blooms.
On Planet Earth, tonight`s sunset. Since the earth rotated the roof-top observatory leaving me to see the sunset through these large trees I haven`t been shooting it much, but I have many other vantage points I will be trying soon. There are a few more blossoms beyond the sunset.
That`s my floral arrangements for tonight. I hope you enjoy them, & do have a pleasant day tomorrow, please.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This is a California Poppy (I think) that I found today. I`ll be on a bit of a flower binge for a little while, because everything here is blooming. It`s almost as if I can`t keep up with them.
There is a series of them beyond the main post. There is an amazing glossy sheen on the petals of this bloom.
On Planet Earth, a lovely little wild flower, as big as a babies thumb. It seems so complicated for such a fragile looking small blossom, but it`s color caught my attention. It was a soloist in an orchestra of sunlight.
In the header, a bunch of succulents with an "edge" shot for Andif.
By the way, if you haven`t checked out the link Andif put in her comment yesterday, I highly recommend you do so.
Have a great day & spring hopes eternal.
Good Night

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tonight for ladies night, a post for a special lady. A big fan of the Blenny postings on this blog, tonight that`s all I am posting in her honor. The main post has a few unusual Blennys linked to it. The image on the front page is called "Beach Master" as it reminds me of the huge seals guarding their harems.
On Planet Earth, the Red Spotted Blenny has the measles.
Andif, one of the earliest risers in history is always here when I get up & check what`s going on in the world, & I can always count on having my day brightened by her first morning comments.
Although I used to enjoy her postings of her wonderful photography at the BooMan Tribune, I miss them now that the cafe there is closed.
Well Andif, here`s to you & thanks for being the sunrise here on White Knuckles.
Have a nice day everybody.

Monday, March 24, 2008


A new addition to one of my reefs, this "Threadfin" Butterfly fish is tasked with getting rid of the little green tufts you see on the rocks around it. It is possible that this fish will simply destroy many other corals but they will be killed by the green pests in either case if I don`t try something.
In the header, an Easter floral garden created through a link on Biomes Blog. There`s a link to that great blog on my roll to the right. There are a few monkey shots beyond the flowers.
On Planet Earth, an image reminding me of an all-time favorite song, "Lean On Me".
I`ve included a Sunrise, (Sunrise Dottyback, blue & yellow exiting cave) & a pic of one of Olivia`s favorites, Pippi Longstocking.
For Andi, I`m preparing a blenniful post for tomorrow.
Have a nice day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


These orange delights are all over the place here at home. They do take over with their tendrils that run for long distances, then pounce up where you`d least expect.
When you get down & dirty with them, they are very fragile & easily bruised, but retain a certain charm with their inner chime.
In the header is a Money Tree trunk with a 56 T-Bird to cruise in.
On Planet Earth, an Easter Basket with a few surprises, like the little succulent "chicks" I put in for Pudsy.
I hope the colors here today are a sign of things to come for all of you that are still snow blind.
Have a spring day tomorrow.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Ladies night is here again. Tonight we have a new member in the Lifetime Achievement Award group.
This posting is for Pudsy, a devilish young lady from what little I know.
I chose the colors on the post for her, & I must note that the demeanor of this fish, a Royal Gramma, is very gentle.
The attitude it seems to show here is in reality a defensive position, occasioned by my approach with a large black object, a Nikon.
In my mind, I picture Pudsy as a fun loving gentle blast of color, but one not to be messed with.
In the header, a bunch of specimens from a friend`s tank. For those who may remember Alex, his tank is coming along fine & I`ll soon post more shots of his tank as a whole.
The Planet Earth link has more shots with a little mystery image. Which one matches Miss Olivia`s colorful batch in character, though not in beauty?
Beyond the main post, I have another little pair of surprises for Pudsy.
Pudsy, Have a great day.
For everybody out there in the real world, I hope all is well.
Good night

Friday, March 14, 2008


The "Winter Soldier Investigation" was a gathering sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW – intended to publicize war crimes and atrocities by the United States Armed Forces and their allies in the Vietnam War. The VVAW challenged the morality and conduct of the war by showing the direct relationship between military policies and war crimes in Vietnam. The three-day gathering of 109 veterans and 16 civilians took place in Detroit from January 31-February 2, 1971. Discharged servicemen from each branch of military service, as well as civilian contractors, medical personnel and academics, all gave testimony about war crimes they had committed or witnessed during the years of 1963-1970.

On Thursday March 13 to Sunday March 16, 2008, the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW – will hold their own Winter Soldier hearings. The event will feature testimony from U.S. veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, giving an accurate account of what is really happening day in and day out, on the ground. The four-day event will bring together veterans from across the country to testify about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan - and present video and photographic evidence. In addition, there will be panels of scholars, veterans, journalists, and other specialists to give context to the testimony. These panels will cover everything from the history of the GI resistance movement to the fight for veterans' health benefits and support.

The posted image shows the first "Winter Soldiers" (carved in stone) who history has shown to have committed grave & serious harm to the real & original founding fathers of this once great nation, whose philosophy I`ve admired for the most part.
I find that the inhuman acts against the people of Iraq is a repeat of what was done to the original fathers of this land.
I do hope that the Winter Soldiers hearings this week end will be shown far & wide to help put an end to the genocide occurring in all our names regardless of our respective feelings.

The image was shot in my house from one of my numerous T-shirts.
I extracted the text to be able to then insert 'drop shadows' to give the image a little more depth.
On Planet Earth, a ballerina in a new dress, & a new series of 3D shots are in the header.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I`m back after a little break (mostly my back) I had to take, to complete some projects that were piling up after being all held up due to weather.
When the good weather returned everyone wanted their projects completed without realizing that all the subcontractors involved were also backed up for the same reason.
With everything back on track, I`m posting some fruit & flowers to liven up your snowbound lives. This only applies to those in colder climes. To those in a warmer area, I wonder if these compare to what is blooming in your areas.
I hope to be back in shape to be posting daily, & do hope I wasn`t too much of a disappointment for all of you who have encouraged me so much with your visits here in the past months.
I must thank you all for that encouragement with all my heart.
In the header, a sunset that links to some 3D`s, one of which is Coconut dunking in my coffee.
On Planet Earth, is the fruit bowl.
You`ll see a Pineapple Guava bloom(red brush), some Tangerines, Grapefruit, Oranges, Cumquats & some green Bananas.
Have a great day & I hope the colors here will inspire a smile.
Good Night, till tomorrow.