Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A few parsecs out of quadrant J42 while on warp drive I took some shots of an, as of yet unnamed, planetary system.
If you go to see the original you can see a moon sliver, a little left of center.
It was hard to get off these in shots which make up this image at that speed, but as you know as long as I travel slower than the speed of light, it is possible.
Back on Planet Earth, a set of Kangaroo Paws, from an Aboriginal medicine man.
Have a great day, & don`t space out.


AndiF said...

You really used the lens flare to good effect but my favorite was the flareless "2 DSCN5679".

Over on Plant Earth, I was captured by DSCN0611 and its palpable softness.

NDD said...

This confirms it. You're one spaced ooot dude!!

I'm looking forward to highspeed in the city so I can load the large size of all these.

So far my favorite is the one with moon sliver.

I haven't been to Planet Earth yet, I'm still lost somewhere in the nebulae of the main post.

MsNDD said...

I love them all! The 'Alien Flare' slideshow is beautiful!

Knucklehead said...

Thanks AndiF,
Maybe that`s why I post different shots from the same series & let the people decide, which one they personally like.
Yeah!! That`s why I do it.
Kangaroo Paws are inherently soft, but what gets me is the arrangement of the little dingle ball ring in the odd tiny flower.

Knucklehead said...

I think you mean (spaced "oort" dude)?
The OORT cloud (now doesn`t that sound Vikingish)
is an area about 50 AU`s, (astronomical unit, a unit measuring the approximate distance from the earth to the sun, 93,000,000,000 miles.) or about one light year, that surrounds the sun & is thought to be the origin of comets. Hah!! Been there, done that.

Knucklehead said...

Well Ms.NDD,
The slideshow is something I put in there just for you.
I`m glad you like it.

MsNDD said...

I had to view the slideshow again when I got home from work..& again..& again. Did you make an adjustment? The full screen effect made it even more enjoyable. :)

Knucklehead said...

I think the slideshow resolution is not that good. If you go to the individual shots & view them in the "original" size, I think they are much nicer to see the details.
I did not alter any images.
It`s nice that you see them in a better light, but maybe your doors of perception are more than just ajar.
The main post image is a composite of 10 shots, & I believe one of the single shots is manipulated as with an Orton effect. Also, the images are compressed from 300 resolution down to 72 for your viewing pleasure. The large file is yet quite another view.
I`m very pleased you like that set.

olivia said...

Beautiful. Love a good lens flare ... ;-)