Monday, April 28, 2008


This string of pearls, is a flower tower from an Aloe plant. There`s a banana split of a similar Aloe on Planet Earth.
All three image sources link to the same stash. I mention it, so you`ll not waste time, but do go smile like the pig is.
These are all images from my yards at home.
Have a nice day.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Only In My Back Yard, is where these images were taken.
Make sure you all get a good rest.
I`m off to do that now.
Enjoy a pleasant tomorrow.


This is probably the best shot of this fish, I`ve taken so far.
This Cleaner Wrasse, is in constant motion, & stops only to bed down at night after enveloping himself in a small mucus membrane, resembling a sleeping bag. This protects him from predators who would possibly smell him out in the wild.
During daylight hours no fish will prey on him as a beneficial member to all others on a reef. He cleans all other fish, & will even clean my hand if I put it in the water.
Pippi, is sporting her new pajamas.
The Blue Legged Hermit crab, has just molted
Also, check out the header, & figure that one out.
Oh, Also, have a great day.

Monday, April 21, 2008


A little of land, sea & air is represented in this day`s posting.
Have a lovely week a'head', please, & be kind to others.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This I took while a few kids were over this afternoon, playing with little animals. This leopard is on my hammock stalking a shark.
Hey, they`re kids.
I think all the images behind this one are wild flowers from my yard.
In the header, petals, fallen from grace from a large tree covered in blooms the size or big oranges but of this color.
On Planet Earth, my favorite blossom, Coconut.
He & I put on a little impromptu show for the kids & a few adults. We got a nice round of applause, which Coconut adores getting. I started singing "She`ll be coming around the mountain", knowing full well that as soon as I start banging my foot to the beat, he starts dancing & shaking his head to the beat. He ends in a flourish & a big squawking finale. Then expects applause, which he obviously takes pleasure in accepting. Flowers on the planet are also from the yard but get a little more attention than the wild ones which I prefer not to tame.
Have a beautiful spring day if at all possible.
Good night.

Monday, April 14, 2008


This little blues tune is about two inches tall.
I saw it in a ray of sunlight coming through the overhead branches.
There are some strange blooms on Planet Earth, that look like they are not from this planet, & in the header, some very fuzzy stuff.
Have a warm fuzzy day.
It`s hot & sunny here today, but thankfully it is cooling down a little.

Friday, April 11, 2008


A little bit of a set back for those who`s spring has retracted, obligated my posting of more colors for you.
Just imagine how great it will be after this false alarm. I hope the robins & crocuses are OK.
There`s a lot of green over on Planet Earth, even though we think of it as the "Blue Planet".
The header will take you to a low wattage light show.
Behind the main post is a shot I tried to recreate, following the surprise sunset shot in the Gladiola wave on yesterday`s post.
Have a great weekend, & try to stay warm & dry.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


 porthole 4 DSCN7769
A welcome home post for Beth, who has been traipsing cross-country & has finally arrived in Colorado.
Beth, here`s a sunset curled in the wave of a Gladiola. Now you can curl up in a sunset & have a deserved rest.
While shooting the progress of the sole Gladiola blooming at home, I was using a background I made.
It`s a white poster-board over which I stretched a black t-shirt on one half of it. That way I have two different backgrounds at my disposal while carrying only one.
While shooting from different angles I shot some upside down & holding the camera on the other side of the flower,but had forgotten to move the background board to my side.
This allowed the shot to be taken to include everything behind me.
After downloading the shots, I previewed them & found that I had inadvertently captured the sunset in one shot.
I had then noticed the backer board & put it on the proper side of the flower & took a few more shots.
This shot is a composite shot but is how the surprise one is configured.
Tomorrow, I will repeat the same shot & hope I can do a little better than the one I unknowingly shot.
On Planet Earth, I`m collecting up all the fuzzy blankets you might have been using over the colder months, as I understand spring is spranging everywhere. So I will need to collect Pink Fuzzy blankets, & I know there are some red ones & at least a pastel blue one still unaccounted for. Give them up.
The purple fuzzy one there is a Mexican Sage plant.
Have a warm day tomorrow & for the rest of the season.
Good Night

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Proof that the bees are around pollinating flowers, is shown in the post & images beyond.
On Planet Earth, a little pic I made out of flower parts.
The lips from Olivia, the eye from an Orange Clock seed pod, & a couple of lines & dots.
There `s also a few edge shots of a seed that blew into frame on it`s little wind mill.
And a "Woodsman" lurking.
In the header, Orange Clock, beyond which you can see the "iPods"
Have a great spring day tomorrow, & stop to smell the flowers, please.


 2 DSCN7691
A few blooms from the neighborhood.
Most of these are surprises I just happened upon.
I hope you enjoy surprises as much as I do.
I have free kisses on Planet Earth.
Easy Ladies.
Have a puckered day tomorrow.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


A little collection of some of the flowers growing in the yard.
I discover new blossoms coming out everyday.
I`m off to sleep, but before I go,....
Have a great warm day tomorrow.
PS, I hope you liked the cute newt.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


As you may have realized a while ago, I`m prone to make up images. Some of them are obvious fantasies, while others are very believable. Still, some that look fantastic, are very real. What do you think of this one. Please decide before you click on it to see more. This image is waving you into the beyond to discover more. The header is part of a hike in the hills of Malibu. If you like wildflowers, I suggest you take a hike up there.
On Planet Earth, we have more hedges with edges.
I`m going to get some sleep after a long but beautiful spring day. May you all have good times ahead.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Today, a little fantasy for the start of the week-end. This image & the ones beyond it are little workshop exercises in CS.
For those who missed yesterday`s posting due to my tardiness, you can see all the ones related to it in the header & beyond it.
I have a long march tomorrow, that should take me into a hidden world. I hope to be successful, but we`ll all know tomorrow.
May you all be successful in your endeavors, also.
Pledges for Edges on Planet Earth, & a pinwheel of Olivia`s color, on the same third rock.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


This little speedster is looking around to see if MsNDD noticed this post was for her.
When it started to rain last night, I took the opportunity to go snail hunting. After spotting one I decided to shoot a few for MsNDD, as I was just about to respond to a comment she had posted.
In lieu of a response, I decided to spend more time getting some garden shots for her.
I was going to post last night, but just before post time, the FIOS, went dead.
Well, here we are now, a day later, & a bathed garden.
In the header, Chasing The Dragon, leads back into the main post image,
but on Planet Earth, we have edges,sedges, but no pledges.
Have a nice day, & pray for the sailors who perished in the Gulf Of St. Lawrence, in thick ice.
I`m quite familiar with the ice conditions in that exact area, & almost lost my life along with 20 other crew members at the very location.
I was as close to a roll over as is possible without going bottom`s up. A horrifying situation.
I often relive those adventures, & did so this morning when hearing of the sailors demise.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My friend Vilija, who as you must know by now, has some lovely gardens, gave me a box of assorted Jelly Belly beans a few days ago. I accepted them with the idea that I could send a little color along for you color starved guests here.
Beyond the header, there`s a coked out reefer, a few bottles & a cut crystal votive candle holder beneath a tonged blue vase.
For those who like to torque their brains a little, I included a few 3D`s, one of which I reflected, but I did wonder if that made it 4D, or .... NOT.
Since I`ve been on edges a little, lately, I included some of them on Planet Earth, commencing with nothing less than a little globe of pricks. (Over on the side Andif, your issue for the day)
I hope you liked my little story presented on the dedicated day of fools yesterday.
Have a nice day tomorrow, & if anyone would like to know what that specimen was, I`ll be glad to oblige.
Just ask yourself though, "Do I really want to know?"