Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The little universes we usually do not see, are no less infinite than the large incomprehensible ones that are expanding into smaller ones yet. String theories & dimensional warping are often overlooked as something for people of higher learning.
I never bought into that sales pitch. I can look into things large or small & create my own reality. Who can argue about what I think. Those thoughts are mine , & mine only.
Tonight I was thinking of a dense field of globular gas planetary bodies spawned from a fission reaction, that encroached on the space, usually acknowledged to be the realm of the Master Stars. I was able to capture these mental machinations digitally tonight, & present to you, obvious proof, that my thoughts can be shared although they remain mine & mine only.
So go explore your world, & figure out what it means to you. It`s all yours.
This image is in reality a scaled depiction of one of my discoveries.
The scale is a diminution one. The globules are less than 1/16th of an inch in diameter, & are air bubbles trapped in the molded plastic of an 8 ounce glass. The Brittle Star, (one of three), I discovered by chance while maintaining a peripheral component of one of my reefs.
I cut out a piece of white office paper to fit into the bottom of the aforementioned glass, added an inch of sea water, & introduced the found specimens. Bringing the glass of life out on the deck, I took a few shots through the glass, to the star, to create a new theory of the universe.
There`s really a nut case out there, putting things in containers & looking at it in different light conditions & throwing the results out there to see if any of it sticks.
It sounds about as plausible as string theory, right? .... Right??

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Most of you know my best friend Coconut.
When I get home everyday, I spend the rest of the day with him on my shoulder or forearm if I`m at my business desk.
We haven`t seen each other since breakfast every morning during which we share our coffee.
If we`re not out in the yard taking pictures, or just kicking back, we`ll take some time for our daily workout.
While I`m doing my 1000 push-ups, Coconut does his "chin-ups" pull-ups, or here as you can see, his one armed ones.
He knows I can`t do those, so he usually rubs it in, by screeching with pleasure, as he cranks them out one after another.
His 'Zip Line' that he works out on, is modified (by me) so that he may zip right out of the image by slipping down my magic rope that is tied to a tree outside, but has been anchored off screen to a Sky Hook, I invented.
I`ve tried at times to follow the rope hand over hand to get inside the image but so far, I haven`t been successful.
I have surprises around the area you might be interested in. Hit the header to rock & roll over to Planet Earth for some more fun.
There`s Blenny more if you run out.
Just let me know, by yanking the rope.
Have a great week ahead, & be kind to strangers. Please!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This cactus, a little more than a foot high, still has the capacity to thrill, with blooms as large as one twelve feet high.
This image, taken the morning after it opened, will last a little longer than usual due to the protective mist.
Once the mist burns off, the sun will wilt the blossom, & it`s glory will fade into just a memory.
On the attached set, you can see the bloom as it opened the previous night.
All locales show the same images, but you should see them all.
There are buds & a few with Jupiter & the moon in some also.
I have been very busy, so please bear with me, & pardon my sparse postings.
Have a great week ahead & keep smiling.

Monday, July 14, 2008


This lovely "Lady Of The Night", is what I had been hoping for. This blossom opened last night in an explosion of delight.
I was fortunate to notice it about to bloom.
I ran back into the house to grab a flashlight after taking a few shots of the bursting bud.
Less than a minute later This is how it was. I love seeing the release but I missed this one by ( ) much.
I only have this one, & today it`s gone, like the ladies of past one night stands. I loved them all.
In the header, a Blue Dragon, & on Planet Earth, a Fire Fly.
It seems to be defying the god Pele while surfing her waves of fire.
I`m beat, so I`m gone.
Till tomorrow, & have a nice one.
Good Night

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The first stage in progressive blues, is to set the mood.
These are the opening notes of tonight`s blues, in the key of "E", for Emergency.
These sets, on Planet Earth & in the header, besides the main posted music, are all taken from a planter at the base of the large Sycamore tree next to the deck.
There is one large green exception, a testament to Teri`s similarly colored thumb.
I noticed a few new cactus buds a few days ago, then noticed one had fallen off it`s parent plant. I hope to be able to show the surviving opened bud to you soon. And there are more cactus in bud stage also.
I hope you are enjoying your summer days, & hopefully these flowers will make them even better.
I just remembered a hummingbird shot I took just before dark a few days ago.
It`s the last sip of the day, maybe even a night cap.
I`m going to add it to the main post set.