Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well here is a larger version of the "port-holed header" from last night.
Although Olivia guessed correctly that the header image was a "form of caterpillar", my friend Dave in Okinawa, guessed it as a "Tomato Worm" which I believe it is.
I`m going with that hunch, since I saw it on a tomato plant here, along with it`s partner, laying waste to dozens of tomatoes.
It is over 3" long & very beautiful if you like green.
Hector Protector was dressed all in green,
Hector Protector was sent to the queen.
The queen did not like him,
no more did the king
so Hector Protector was sent home again.
Obviously some people don`t like green.
On Planet Earth, a beautiful large format Hibiscus. There are more beyond it.
The header shows that you can pick up the pieces of a broken heart, but you can`t put a flower back together.
Please do go see the character actors beyond the main post.
Their expressions are strange. I don`t know if you can tell, but there are two "Tomato Worms" (Olivia)
So Dave, tell me which one you want a print of.
As for Olivia, you get one also for being so "hot". That`s what the judge ruled

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


First, I believe some one has the opportunity to leave others green with envy.
The image in the header is a mystery image. I promise it is not manipulated, to change it, regarding color, shape, original form, number of "portholes" etc etc.
If anyone can guess what it is, I will send them a large format print of their choice, from the series this image is from, which I will post tomorrow. Good luck & stay green.
I`ve been a little slow to post lately, but I believe it`s because I caught something from tonight`s post subject.
I feel like crawling into my shell, & if I do, I`ll keep an eye out.
Don`t run with shears & be careful out there....please.

A clue: The header object is familiar. Everyone has seen one growing up. It`s an "ugly duckling", but does not quack.
It has feet, but does not paddle. It can see where it goes, butt not where it`s from, even though it constantly "looks" back.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


For those of you who saw my test shots for this same vantage point, here are ones I shot tonight.
The usual links are unchanged, as I`ve been quite occupied of late.
Please bear with me, though.
I`ll be back to full capacity soon, I hope.
Meanwhile, stay balanced poised & smiling,.. please.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Just a quick post of Smiles & Mr. Peek.
These are my granddaughter`s lizards.
The larger one on the left is trying to crawl onto Andif`s monitor to see what makes her tick so early in the morning to visit here.
Thanks Andif.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I found these on the street near my project site.
I went & parked my rig then walked back to them.
The header shot & accompanying images to it, are from my site & the drips are on the stems of the black Elephant Ear plants in the image with the house in the background.
Planet Earth has a musical instrument of which more from the orchestra will be posted tomorrow, if I don`t fall down first.
I`m tired tonight, so I`ll just wish you all a good one, (night, that is), & see you tomorrow.
Be nice to everyone, please

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Having been away for quite a while, I decided to take some time to post in hopes a few images might make your dog days of summer a little cheerier.
This sudden decision was brought on by one of the Hall of Fame members who reminded me earlier this evening, that just a few words, a smile, a wondering glance can change one`s outlook on a present situation.
This post is dedicated to Pudsy, but please note that the content of the post & affiliated slide shows do not reflect on her, but solely on myself.
The purpose of the dedication is to recognize her as the gentle heart she is, barely concealed under an exterior of truth.
The header, shot with the black background of my hat, also includes some texture shots that I know Andif likes.
On Planet Earth, a few shots of the opened blossom of the "Pinwheel Treasure" from the last post, directly below.
Also on the Planet, a few shots I didn`t know I captured while setting up to shoot through a dual glazed window. The test shots showed the hummingbird, that I had no clue had made an appearance, regardless of my activity barely feet away.
In the main post, a frilly diaphanous blossom showing herself shamelessly, as innocents are wont to do, (with my full support).
The flower is growing in the middle of a garden in the age of innocence.

I`ll try & make time to post more often, but my efforts at that have proven to be fruitless in the past, so I`ll endeavor to use some of the time already allotted to us all, to post again regularly.
Pudsy, you`re a dear.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


A while ago,(last week) I`d mentioned to Teri, how we should cut back a large Bougainvillea overgrowing a corner of one of the separate yards we have. A few days ago, when arriving from work, she was excited to show me what she`d done & found in the process. There was a lovely 15 foot tall cactus inside the Bougainvillea, that we didn`t even know was there. Furthermore it was in bloom. I took my camera out of the truck & climbed up to get as close as possible to study this beauty. I took a few shots in the darkening evening, but will take more to do it justice.
I also had a surprise bloom again in the "Reef Garden". You may see it on Planet Earth.
It`s what I call a Cadaver Plant, because it smells like one, attracting corpse flies which it then traps for food or pleasure, I know not which.
In the header link, you may go underwater, to see some "Jewels of Neptunes Realm".
On this late night note, I bid you good rest & all the best.
Good night