Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild Blue Bells

These diminutive little blue flowers grow in bunches in the yard.
I have no clue what they are, but I`d guess they decided that here was a nice place to be appreciated.
I do.
The other images, in the floral department, are taking over the terraces I built as a planter/slope retainer.
We basically let whatever feels welcome, grow & color the yard.
The California poppies, fold up at night, but I also noticed some of my special cactus blossoms getting ready to blow my mind.
You`ll soon be amazed, I`m sure.
In the header, a dancing goddess plate I noticed on the deck, was triplicated to form a troupe.
The original is linked.
On Planet Earth, a lonesome Blenny calls for it`s mate, in reality a playmate.
Thanks for coming by to offer your thoughts on Milo.
Please have a nice tomorrow, & don`t forget old friends you haven`t thought of in a while.
They`re still friends.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MILO, Goodbye, My Friend

Our cat Milo left yesterday after 20 years of companionship.
He was a tough old boy.
Happy hunting over there, Milo


This is from a pack of life savers I got from an old granny who had the right to life, down.
When asked how she kept her youthful looks, she replied that she sucked on a life saver.
Her elderly friend inquired where she got this life saver, intrigued by how well it seemed to work.
Her friend answered that she just took a cab down to the beach.

Have a nice day.
I should really find out what kind of coral this is.

There are some images of a moth that came to visit last night, over on Planet Earth.
Milo is still hanging tough, but he`s getting very very weak.
And Thank you for your concerns regarding him.
It`s sad to have an acquaintance leave in this manner. I don`t think I ever lost a friend like Milo, of old age.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Taking my new friend out for a "get acquainted" tour of my place, Candace, also my daughter`s name, seemed to get a thrill out of the color matched flowers in the garden.
She was a little leery of the freshwater fountain, but who can blame her.
On Planet Earth, I posted a watch dog to guard the pumpkin patch.
I`m on "cat watch" lately. Our poor old one-eyed cat Milo, is on his way out.
I`ll be doing a little story on him soon, but I need some sleep right now, & must go to the valley tomorrow, so I`m off to snoozeville.
Have a restful day tomorrow.

The main post & header both lead to the same linked photos, so save some time & enjoy them for twice as long

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


 3 DSCN5536
This is a little tribute to my friend Pudsy, who has been such a friend, in suffering through my metaphorical serenade, influenced by Iamblichus, a man who, though tilted towards Neoplatonism & (a favorite of mine Pythagoras) ultimately settled with those, albeit tempered with the magic & mysticism of Asia
This little fountain of blues & reflection is the welcome, proffered to all comers, to the domain of forever friends.
Not to leave my friends adrift in the abandoning doldrums of the middle latitudes, the header & accompanying linked image is dedicated to Olivia.
Ah!, I`ve not yet succumbed to failure of memory. No, not yet.
On Planet Earth, upon noting a sadness in the slow progress of springtime`s advance, voiced by our other champion of all things "forest", AndiF, I included a panoply of what springtime has brought here, with the caveat that the blossoms be shared.
Now that the trilogy of special girls have been revealed, join me please in presenting these images to them.
Thank you , ladies.

Monday, April 20, 2009


This "Coral Beauty" is my new addition to the reef.
It`s one of very few angel fishes that I would introduce into a reef tank out of 5 or 6 dozen different angels. The two I`m more familiar with, the Pygmy Angel, & this one tend to not nip at clam mantles or on the soft tissue of large polyped corals. But there`s always an exception to the rule, when dealing with a reef.
I included a few more pix behind this one & you can also see another angel, a "Rock Beauty", that didn`t make the cut.
It`s still in the transport bag, that it was purchased in.
Some friends drove from LA to see me & showed up with four fish.
Three including the Rock Beauty, were not compatible with my already present reef stock.
After going through showing my friends the four fish in my books on fish species, their requirements, compatibility with all other fish, feeding needs & so forth, they didn`t feel so bad.
I then called a friend around the corner & drove the fish over. He maintains tanks all over the west side & Malibu, so he`s stoked.
I hope to get more detailed photos of my new Coral Beauty, whose name is Candace,
She flashes her colors well, but when acclimated she`ll wear them proudly all day. She`s a little nervous, as the other fish are staking out their territory to make sure the new addition knows the rules. She`ll soon find her place & the tension will ease.
I now proudly present Candace, the Coral Beauty.

I have a bunch more Irises that opened. For tomorrow.
This is a single post, so no other images are linked to new images, although the slide show at the top always includes the last 20 images I add to my Flickr accnt.
Have a nice springy day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This rather alien sky, with the unearthly cloud formations, is actually the atmospheric conditions this flower thrives in.
It`s from my backyard, & the sky is created by the background of blue paint chipping off of an old wooden lawn chair.
Had you fooled, right.
On Planet Earth, a few marine images, with one being of a candle with embedded shells & starfish.
Please make sure to go visit more flowers from my yard, beyond the main post.
I have plenty more for the next few posts.
Have a beautiful day, everyday, Please.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Originally uploaded by 37KNUCKLEHEAD
Tonight, just to be different, I`m putting up a little reef action.
Don`t worry the flowers are forthcoming, & soon.
I have more than enough to make me crazy.
Just putting them together, in a nice presentation, is taking up a lot of my time; while I keep shooting, adding to the insanity of my filing system.
This little bit of action is on the left end of the reef.
To give you a sense of scale, the Brittle Star, which is driving, two different species of clownfish, crazy, is about 16 inches from tip to tip of the radial arms it`s stealing food with.
If that sentence was not long enough, I can & will revise my penalty procedures.
I sure as hell hope I`m doing this right.
I will try & add to the usual locations, but let me see if this works first. If you see changes on Planet Earth, from yesterday, then this was a success.
Have a great tomorrow.


Ok so sue me.
I know I mentioned Clocks at a tennis game, but if you go to Planet Earth, you`ll get the connection. (I`d think)
These are Orange Clocks, a very invasive vine, & by the end of the day, they`re still tracking the movement of the sun.
When someone asked the cat, why he was so interested in the ongoing tennis match, sitting in very costly seats, he replied.
"My dad`s in the racket".
Anyway, let`s get back to business.
I had to spend a bunch of time, (as opposed to a lot) getting a commission printed, not too mention the surprise Rindge Railway Steamer I decided to add to the task, not including going to Fry`s to get more printer ink.
The surprise ended up with my getting a larger check amount, but that should not have any bearing on my promise of flowers today.
Don`t think it was not a pressing weight on me, especially since I stopped mid-canyon to shoot some Scotch Broom for tomorrow.
I had a hard time finding Waldo, but I am including him in the solution,though my hope was to locate the problem.
I eventually will, & you hopefully will understand the problem Waldo presents, at that time.
Now I did mention Waldo because of a comment from AndiF.
The same image subject the question arose from, I repeated it here, albeit with the added wildlife of a small Brittle Star, draping itself as a Garland Of Gross.
Now, on the main post, therein which the previous images I spoke of are linked, is my favorite friend, who yesterday was attacking Coconut through the tank wall, seemingly trying to protect me, from the ravaging I might incur, due to the misplaced notion that he was a Parrotfish.(Teri came up with that one).
I have been spending more time with my fish, & scratch their itches through the glass, as it were.
They are very comfortable with me & I can now wave most of them over to be petted.
I also added some coral frags today.
I siliconed them onto some old coral skeletons & added them to the tank.
They are both frags from the same "mother coral" and are "scrolling" corals. I will show them as soon as I know they are healthy, & we can follow the progress of their growth.
Hopefully, you will be amazed.
Good night, I`m beat, & I have to be up real early & on my feet.
So if you read this & think it`s neat,
Smile at a stranger.
It`s really a treat.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Busted!!, While taking a little walk along the reef, I came around a rock formation & happened to surprise these two making little crabs. I backed away slowly, but then noticed it must have been a crab sex ed. class, because everyone else was there, learning.
On Planet Earth, the Leather Coral with it`s polyps extended.
The dancing crab must`ve been evicted from it`s perch. (I never had heard of a fish (perch) with crabs.
The header is a series of tubes a la Ted Stevens. There`s a full image from this series behind it.
Tomorrow, & I do hope it`s a pleasant one for everyone, come by & see a whole bunch of clocks at a tennis match.


This has to be a short one, but I have some surprises set for tomorrow.
As usual I shoot more than I can keep up with.
I put Olivia`s Orchid over on Planet Earth, along with a Coconut salad.
On the main post, the little female Mandarin , almost as poisonous as the "Pumpkin" zoas, it`s showing us.
As if she grew them.
There`s also a few crabs behind the image.
I usually don`t put crabs on a pedestal, but I hear the view from up there is fantastic.
Have a great tomorrow.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Land of the Damned

This inescapably hostile looking landscape lives up to my description of it as the Greenish "splats" release a most deadly toxin.
As a matter of fact, the most complex & dangerous organic toxin known to man.
Though I do at times seem loose with humorous statements, the fact that the toxin produced by these Green Zoas is deadly,
should only be underscored with the additional fact that there is no known cure for it`s poison.
That is one reason I try to not aggravate these colorful animals in my reef.
I have in the past been affected mildly by this toxin & do not worry much about these in my reef, which comprise a small selection of many more just as deadly, yet just as colorful.
Now isn`t that interesting.
And keep your hands out of my reef.
Other interesting locations are active tonight.
Don`t slip on the banana peels.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is the only image posted tonight.
I hope to have more tomorrow.
Have a nice day, Please.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


In one of my many yard areas, some ferns sneaking up on me.
The Tiger Eyes in the header are watching
Have a nice day
Maybe tomorrow, I`ll have something a little more interesting, but I do love my ferns.

Monday, April 6, 2009


In addition to the maritime battles that I observe in the reef, posted last week, I took a few more shots of the conflicts at sea.
The Purple Clawed Bulls-eye Shrimp lets nothing infringe on his territory.
A strange set of unrelated events led to this confrontation, that I shot hours later.
I had noticed a rotting of flesh on one of my Candy-cane Corals & removed it from the reef to excise the diseased/damaged part of it. While I had it in my hand, I was surprised by an Emerald Crab scuttling across my hand.
I had not known it was in the coral structure.
I immediately opened the top of the tank & flipped the crab back in, where it landed near the Shrimp`s territory.
I proceeded to treat the diseased coral & hopefully I did a good job.
Later, I witnessed the conflict I instigated.
I do not create conflicts purposefully.

Over at Planet Earth, a reminder of what a Cockney`d accented lady suggested to me, a long time ago.
Have a nice day & don`t let laughter get in the way of your smiles.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is from my lone Gladiola.
On Planet Earth, my second "Special Bloom, graced by the presence of a Balinese beauty, a gift from a friend.
In the header, a collection of facial expressions, performed by a Sycamore thespian,
taking method acting lessons from yours truly.

I captured some more conflict action between two, clawed specimens, in the reef.
Neither of which was a feline.
I shall show you how it was resolved tomorrow.
Have a nice day, & Please, keep smiling.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This post & linked images are about the conflicts on a reef involving territories, food distribution, property encroachment & the individuals involved.
The main post image, in deference to Andi, is obviously a Blenny.
Although this fish does not really have any enemies it does travel the length of the reef & may be perceived as encroaching on another inhabitants territory.
You`ll see a Royal Gramma rise up out of a hole in the rocks to challenge the Blenny`s presence.
The Green Chromis, just a little faster than the Emerald Crab apparently trying to grab them, are really trying to get the crab to leave the area.
They will harass the crab but to no avail, it will leave when ready.
The crabs will lash out at any approaching fish, which try hit & run tactics.
The Royal Gramma, is protecting it`s "Pumpkin Patch" of Orange Zoas, not because they are zoas, but because that`s the designated territory it claims.
As you can see, it is annoyed that I am the intruder.
You can also see a few images of fine Brittle Star arms twisting around a "Fuzzy Finger" Leather coral.
The "Macaroni & Brussel Sprouts" image does not portray any conflict except with my gastronomical tastes.
I`ve included also, a Coral Banded Shrimp, that is in it`s own world, but conflicts with just about everything in the reef.
Live & let live seems to be it`s motto.
I hope you enjoy the natural interactions that I`ve shot, of the fascination a reef brings.
Have a pleasant tomorrow, Please.