Thursday, April 22, 2010


My long anticipated blooms have finally started to open.
This is a singular post, though clicking it might take you to some surprises, I don`t really know.
Have a great day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I took a walk on the beach, since my flowers are no longer needed here.
A few things to set the mood.
I met a few girls who were visiting the area so I had to advise them of a few things.
The young lady on the rock, I reduced in size & relocated her & the rock back onto it`s original spot to show the scale of the rocks` size.
Out past the cliff, you`ll notice a buoy.
That`s the buoy whose bell I hear from my house.
I live above the cliffs pictured.
Do Not Drive on the sand.
Besides a view down the coast, some on the cliff have a view of the skies.
The Peg legged bird, is my little bit of artwork, down by the water.
Have a nice day.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I did mention previously that the Irises out front by the fountain would open in about a week.
Here you go.
As you may have noticed, I`ve been slacking lately, but I`ve been fooling around with Teri.
For example telling her to stand by a Rolls for a picture, next to one of my old hangouts, "The Brig".
I`ve been working on the legal finishings of her accident case, something she is quite capable of doing herself,
but I think she likes that I`ve been taking care of all of it.
I`ve been through the process before so I know the ins & outs although I`m not a paralegal whereas she is.
I`ll be getting her a new car soon, especially since I don`t like anyone driving my vehicles.
It won`t be an MGTC, though I wouldn`t mind that one bit.
I actually love that model of MG.
I`m going to finally finish up on my little sports car myself in the coming months.
A rare little 2 litre Jensen Healy that you can see on Planet Earth. You may have seen it before in the past years.
I have to put a new exhaust system in it & do the upholstery.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This morning this flower was just a bud showing a little bit of skirt.
By four o`clock, it had opened to this.
I have a bunch of these in the front by the fountain also, but they won`t open for about a week I`d say.
I changed the header since I was tired of looking at Las Vegas at night.
Over on Planet Earth, we were about to leave The Brig, so I took a picture of Teri with the Rolls.
It`s really a great car.
The Brig
Damn what a place.
I used to hang there many many years ago.
I used to hustle pool there starting at six in the morning when it opened.
It was quite a dive when I frequented the place, but it`s renovated now to keep up with the times.
It`s just around the corner from Electric Avenue.
I should mention that I hope you have a nice day since we`ll be into the high seventies again tomorrow.
One of my clients, a doctor & pie maker par excellence, dropped off a steaming apple pie, although we`d just finished some strawberry shortcakes with homemade heavy whipped cream, so tomorrow shall be Pie Day.
I was out taking shots of the iris when the phone rang.
He said he wanted to bring a pie to us while the aroma was still wafting about.
I asked him where he was & he said, "Your front door!"
Another day in paradise.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


If you click on this, you`ll be enjoying a little walk I took in Venice, on Electric Avenue, yesterday.
You may be surprised that this is a $25,000,000.00 set I talked about, but I was wrong.
The houses or "cracker boxes" imaged are worth from 1.25 to 2 million dollars each.
These are the back yards taken from a little walk-street right at Electric Avenue.
You may click on the video or the slide show to see them all.
I took many more but did include a 3D of "Lily`s Court in the set.
For those who can/learned how to view my "stereoscopes" I hope you like it.
We met up with some friends there & went on a walk-about.
Five points to whoever spots the little dog.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Coming out of the market yesterday, I noticed a little photo shoot going on.
I took my camera out & walked up to the subject from the opposite side & took a few shots.
The musician looked over at me.
I told him he`d be a better subject if I could shoot with music playing.
I took another shot & bailed.
Here it is.
Tomorrow I have a set worth over $25,000,000.00
Stay tuned.
And some one is watching you behind a click.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I took pictures of some roses in our garden after going to a little roadside memorial on the corner down by the highway. A little 13 year old girl was struck & killed on Sat. walking home from a friend`s house on the "Point" here.
My local news feed mentions a 26 year old male who apparently intentionally tried to crash his vehicle into a utility pole, but lost control & killed the little one. (He is in custody facing murder charges)
I was down there this afternoon talking to some of the moms & their children who went to school with her.
Her name was Emily Rose Shane.
All I can do is post this image in her memory.
I did not know her.
(I have more images beyond the click.)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


A painting on the dining room wall at an Easter egg hunt at Teri`s daughter`s house today.
One more after a click.