Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This piece by Ms French, my departed neighbor, is one of many that I have.
I`m hopefully going to be working on a "Biography Of An Unknown Lady", by putting together a sizable amount of material, relating to her, through writings, photos, books she had, that I have in my possession.
There is a lot more of her artwork, but it takes time to put it into a perspective that I`ve not groked yet.

Thanks & please watch for tomorrow`s "UNDERWATER CONFLICTS", right here exclusively

Monday, March 30, 2009


After patiently awaiting the opening of some special cactus blossoms, I was rewarded this evening with the first one.
This image, although titled "The Blessing", is not named that because I`m blessed with these blooms, but for what it stands for in shape & imagery, as in "the blessing of the loaves & fishes" or "The Sermon On The Mount" or the exhortations of Crazy Horse, or any person of commanding presence speaking the truth.
When viewing linked shots you`ll also see the humor in other titles, as in, "Noodles, Mushrooms & Popcorn", inspired by a memory of being stoned at a "Love-In" & no matter how many people were there, we never seemed to run out of these basic food stuffs. We just didn`t have, loaves & fishes, but it seemed like the same kind of gathering.
Uh! ... Carrying on,.. in the header a recent sunset & over on Planet Earth, some of more week-end street shots.
I`ll take some daytime shots of the cactus bloom tomorrow, to get a better natural look at this beauty.
The purple-ish ones were taken with an LED flashlight.(It was handy, a gift from my "girls")
Enjoy the arrival of your spring & remember those whose spring has been delayed by paralyzing blizzards & extreme weather conditions.
See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


 Walking proud DSCN3959
Getting ready for all the flowers jumping out at Springtime, is something I prepare for all year.
In the middle of these preparations, I must also be ready, at a moments notice, to combat the surprises thrown my way by the fates of imagery.
As an example, you could take a quick peek at the header texture. At first glance it is not very convincing.
Please click on it to see what the pattern is made from.
On Planet Earth, a preview of what will be the subjects of up-coming posts, also shot on the move, as they enter my field of view.
The main post, a "WALKING PROUD" flower, on the day of her confirmation, is one growing, up on the street, along with a bunch of Daisy Maybe`s, & a flower for 'sad movie' watchers, or any one with a "Tissue Issue".
I did shoot a few more that are in some of the linked sets, but my short term memory is not what it was long ago.
There is though, a long awaited bloom, that will soon open, & a Bic lighter for scale.
I`m also "Glad I All Over" that you get to see the first bloom of these flowers here.
Have a nice tomorrow, & hope that the Red River remains at peace with her friendly neighbors.

Friday, March 27, 2009


In the 'theater of the absurd' one can never expect rational progression.
To contact my staff, regarding personal appearances, please contact my peeps in the header.
You may end up in a worm hole, but persistence will bring you full circle to Pink Spotted Blennies & Red Ball Gowns,
Blue Glass Lilies, & Polka Dotted Fish-heads.
As absurdity`s design leads invariably to confusion, I must defer to forgetfulness as an excuse for lack of continuity.
Links to the usual areas are active.
Please be sure to view the Percula Clown in the Green Torch Coral.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


 2 DSCN3616
Since spring is here & where I`m located might be a bit ahead of your calender, I may as well post some early yard beauties.
I took these at sunset tonight to show you that my gardens do amaze me with the surprises I get to discover on a daily basis.
I usually am out in the yards here taking shots of the sunsets, but at this time I`m on the search for blossoms.
I`m on a daily mission so as not to miss the opening of some of my special flowers, the night bloomers that I vainly refer to as my "Specialty" in horticultural circles.
I`m only special because I get to share these blooms that I consider unique & that they`ve chosen me as their ambassador.
How vain is that.
So knowing that I have two buds keeping me in suspense, I spend the evenings in hopeful anticipation of their breaking through to my view.
It is quite special actually to see them open. It takes about an hour, & I often times spend the whole hour watching their "coming out".
Although tonight was not their night to freak me out, I still enjoy the time I spend in my little private world of wonders.
Here are some of them. All these images are shown as I shot them, against the western sky. I do try & use the fence as a backdrop, as it reminds me of the freedom these blossoms portray. As a wise man once asked, "Did you see the cow slip under the fence", a statement akin to "the cow jumped over the moon, & the dish ran away with the spoon".
I hope you enjoy, & share with me the expectation of the unknown, for I never know what color morphs will burst forth when my "special" blossoms open.
On Planet Earth, I have more of my garden delights.
I hope you have a garden as peaceful.

Please don`t let the perception, others may have of you, deter you from being kind to everyone you encounter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Little Miss Sunshine is ready to start work in her trim little business suit.
Tonight from The Golden State, a collection of sunspots I took late this afternoon.
The sun is out, spring is here & it`s all business from now on.
I`ll be bringing more springtime shots on a regular basis & wait for my colored Cerus blooms that are now budding.
I have two buds that I`m watching daily.
These are always a surprise. I can`t wait to see what becomes of these buds. I`m talking a matter of days, or nights, as these are night bloomers. Just like your grandma`s (bloomers)

For MsNDD, & anyone else, (AndiF) on Planet Earth, I posted a set of the male Mandarin.
The dorsal fin (sail) is what helps differentiate the sexes, for those who are not Mandarins
I myself have quite the showpiece, when I play a mandarin wizard in full attire.
Have a sunshine-y day please, & be kind to the unfortunate.

Monday, March 23, 2009


This little fish, somewhat similar to an underwater hummingbird, is also part clown.
Her antics are funny when compared to a Blenny`s routine, which is merely comical.
I hope your upcoming day is as colorful as this diminutive beauty.
There are a few more behind this post, also. But that`s it for tonight.
And please wish good fortune & safety for NDD`s family, & all residents of Fargo & the surrounding area.
They are expecting record flooding, according to recent reports I`ve heard.


This is one of a set of dolls I pulled out of some boxes.
I`ll surprise my granddaughters with them at Easter.
There are more linked to this one in the "ALLEY OF THE DOLLS"'
Tell me which one you like the most. I have them in different PS modes.
That`s all I posted tonight, sorry.
Have a nice day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Change of dreams

Ok, first let me get a few things straight.
A while back, dada sent me some photos of his friend`s bike.
I loved the bike, having had one of them in the past.
I promised I would send a photo of it but could not find one.
I knew I had seen photos, or at least an image of it somewhere, but could not remember where.
I had written to dada, telling him the photo would be found & forwarded.
Today, I finally found the photo, I had recently seen, but had no idea where.
While moving something off of a shelf, there it was, framed & all, on a shelf, merely feet away from me. It`s been there on the same shelf, on a wall where one can also see NDD`s fireworks calendar.
In the image of my "Electra-Glide in Blue", a reference to a Robert Blake movie, is my cat Garfield, one of the most loving cats I`ve ever had the pleasure to be influenced by.
So dada, here`s the bike I promised you.
Because I figured some wizardry was involved in hiding the image in plain site, I shot some pix of a wizard that was on an adjoining shelf, that I`d also forgotten about. Please visit the series on Planet Earth to see the "Glide" & Garfield, a rescued kitten that turned out to be my daughter & myself`s best feline friend.(Until Kasper took his place)
He disappeared for a few months one time, & I remember someone, (I know exactly who) reproaching me for not mentioning any emotion over my cat, gone & presumed dead (by that person) for weeks.
I told that person to never judge me by emotional display or perceived lack thereof, especially since I believed Garfield was just on walkabout. That person suggested I was just making delusional excuses, for having been caught, as an uncaring person concerning my cat. (It was actually my daughter`s)
Garfield came cruising in over six weeks later, wondering if anything he should know about had happened during his absence, & after being reassured everything was cool, he resumed his life of ease at the compound.
He eventually was taken to the beyond by the local coyote pack.
In the header, I have a sleeper shot, but don`t hesitate to go beyond it, since I have some hidden temptations beyond it.
There you`ll find extra enticements in case Eve`s first try failed, & some string theory examples, in a form over function still life.
Then, to view the main post, one must be a dreamer.
One must have visited this lagoon in the imagination of adolescence, the wanderlust of youthful dreams & the unattainable realization that comes with our later years. But that should never stop one from dreaming.
While you`re over at Flicker, I did put another set there called "Chief Engineer", you might want to take a look at. This fish, a poster boy for "wizened old age" has become used to me & I can call him out with hand signals. He has not given up dreaming.
This is a long one, & I know you have to get back to your respective lives, but if you`re still reading this, I`ve removed you from your cares & worries, at least momentarily, & for that, I thank you for letting me have a little of your time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There`s no vanity in anger.
This Blenny none too pleased because of it`s lack of preparation, knowing full well he had a scheduled appearance here for Andi, does not like the pose I shot him in.
Well tough luck buddy.
In the header, a shot of Catalina Island to the left, & Santa Barbara island right of center. This shot taken up in Decker Canyon, is part of a set wherein the canyon is also included. Please do go see it. I included a few shots of the serenity in my garden, along with a flaming pink juicy bush.
On Planet Earth, some Orange Zoas, with a Daisy grouping I`m cultivating in my underwater garden.
I forgot to mention I included some jewelry behind the main post.
"Be careful out there."
That`s the line always used before the man hit the streets in Hill Street Blues, an old cop show that a few of my friends were in.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The young male crab arrived home with a beautiful emerald bouquet, presented it to his crabby girlfriend, & elicited a hug, for his thoughtfulness.
So on this day, hug a crabby person, they probably need it.
Another crab presents itself in a heart shape beyond this image. They really are quite romantic.
Happy St. Patrick`s Day.
There are some green squawkers in the header from a local flock, along with a few moonlight lucky charms.
On Planet Earth, you`ll see that it is not easy being green.
There are two Emeralds pictured & I posted one with both of them in the same frame.
Good Luck of the Irish to you all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Special Guest Blogger, NDD

Happi and I are working our way up the CA coast so we thought we check out the indoor reefs here at the KH residence. KH talked me into doing a guest blog post. So here it is. It was a good thing that KH loaded all these photos otherwise it would have taken a month of Sundays, as we say in the "old country."

All the photos are from our life on the farmstead in ND, other than the photos from Arches National Park which were taken last Tuesday on the way from Boulder to Phoenix.

Happi is getting restless so I'd best sign off.