Friday, November 30, 2007


A blue jeweled discus from the Amazon.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Monday, November 26, 2007


 chance meeting DSCN5782
A chance meeting between a BLUE CLEANER GOBI & a hermit crab.
Have a great day, all of you.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is the business end of a BRITTLE STAR, one of 1,600 species of the Class Ophiuroids.
It, as most in this class, is pentamerous, having body parts in multiples of five or body parts in numbers divisible by five.
In this image one can see five rays (legs) the little yellow "tube feet", the spines on the rays & the oscicles or plates modified for rasping encrusting coraline off of live rock. There are five sets of these plates, at the base of five bulbous smooth projections between each of the five rays.
If you ever see one, give it a high five.

A man was married on the fith day of the fifth month, in 1955. He had five daughters. He worked for fifty years at an insurance company on 5th ave. on the fifth floor. When he retired he received a $5,000.00 bonus. Knowing he had been involved in the number five all his life, he went to the racetrack, to make a wager.
He bet the fifth horse in the fifth race which incidently paid five to one.
His horse came in fifth.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


This was taken at approx. 4:00PM.
The danger is now over till the next time. I believe over fifty people lost their homes & about thirty others have had theirs severely damaged.
Luckily, only a small number of people were injured, not seriously; a very good thing.
Thank you to all the caring friends out there. Does anyone really know for sure, that good wishes & best hopes extended to another, is a waste of time. At this point, I think not. Anyone?
So indulge me if I attribute our good fortune to the caring wishes of others. Good job.


Due to another massive fire (by the looks of it), I may be cut off from the outside world again, at any time.
I wouldn`t want you to be left out of the loop when talking about the three sisters I met at the Karaoke Bar last night.
They billed themselves as "THE SQUEALING PIGS". Appropriate, I`d say.
On Planet Earth, global warming is becoming apparent.
In the collection, which includes both of the above mentioned images is also a set called "IROQ & A HARD PLACE".
You may want to go see 'A hard man is a good thing to find' (for some). It`s a little study on one rock.

Friday, November 23, 2007


 virgin DSC_0018
This wild parrot, one in a flock of dozens of these Nanday Conures, lived at my old house. Since we moved a few have been flying over bekoned by the calls of one we have that we rescued a few years ago. There is also a large Red Tail Hawk that roosts in the tree off the deck & above our aviary, that may hinder a reunion.
On Planet Earth, a little study in effects, on an image I took of an award.
In the header, a few stoned images. Have a nice time with the stoners.
And please have a safe remainder of this weekend.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


You may have noted that I use the term "hitch hiker", when discussing specimens in my reefs. Here is a good example of one in this image. The green coral is a meandroid brain, with a conical base. A Trachyphyllia geoffroyi.
In the center of the image is a hitch hiker. It looks to be some kind of Polycheate somewhat like a "Feather Duster".
It is growing out of the coral skeleton of the coral & I noticed it flash me when I was feeding the tank tonight. It is a filter feeder. It extends, as in the photo, & filters food particles from the water currents. As soon as it comes into contact with food it immediately retracts into it`s tube home to feed. The retraction is instantaneous.
I got this Brain today from a friend who`s aquarium I went to check on today. He has a shop in the valley with one of the best selections of marine & reef specimens i have seen yet. He was stocking his new reef today when I went by.
His reefmain tank is 14 feet long by 36 inches front to back & 30 inches deep.
I`ll shoot some pix soon & brag on him a bit.
Beyond this image, are a few shots of the whole brain.
While my brain is still working, for those of you who celebrate thanksgiving, Have one to be thankful for. And good night.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


In the fantastic land of dreams, things convulse & roil like a 60`s light show. This dream image is of the feeding mouth of a fluorescing Ricorda. The field of spheres surrounding the mouth are part of the body of this Coralimorph.
Beyond this, a set of images will hopefully make your day a little more light-stepped.
Over on Planet Earth, a friendly old man of the woods has volunteered to go on those early morning walks with Andif. His many different expressions were captured by surreptitiously taking shots while he was distracted by the numerous activities around the area. He always seems surprised & happy observing the most simple things.
In the header, a caution warning, hence the cones, should be heeded. If you go beyond the cones, a bunch of images will jump out at you. I`m kidding. Have a nice day & enjoy the White Knuckle trip.
And please, thank somebody.


I always liked this statue for it`s look of innocence & freedom.
It stands in a small pond that you can go visit. There`s a before & after pic of the pond where you can see I removed the pump box & replaced it with flowers & lillies.(NDD)
On Planet Earth, a planet I shot of a jar full of seashells.This is one of four CD cover art images I created for some gifts I made for people. I burnt them & packaged them as a set. Makes nice xmas presents & one doesn`t have to go near a mall.
In the header, more metal pieces & an angry looking Knucklehead. Not the little pig. The one riding the hog.
It`s an amazing night out here. I can see the moon through the fog, light up the yuccas. I hear the crashing surf from two sides because of the isthmus I`m on, & off in the mist, a cold coyote calls. Beyond the trees I can see the light from the moon raise a reflection against the fog from the ocean surface. Very cool.
Please have a mellow day tomorrow & save something for the less fortunate. A smile usually works if nothing else.

Monday, November 19, 2007


In the usual places, unusual things.
Sometimes the opposite is true, although I prefer this arrangement.
Nodding off is not the best way to end with best wishes for a sane week ahead, but I`m doing it anyway.
In the header, a setting sun, shot with a broken camera.
On Planet Earth, the mouth of the Green Bubble is larger than the fish.
Somewhere, in the set, a bleached coral. That white coral was a prized coral that I`ve grown for years & have watched over it & cared for it with pride & joy. On some of our reefs in the wilds, miles of coral reefs are bleaching like this. Global warming will make it ever worse.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


 bubble 2 DSCN0204
In keeping with the green mode, this tentacled animal, broken down to it`s electronic glow, is on the hunt.
In the header, a composite, is the lead-off to a set of images I took to keep track of the shelves in my office before hauling it to my new home. Planet Earth, usually holding a different set of images, is already connected to tonight`s post. A third set though, can be seen in the "Sherlock" collection.
Have fun sleuthing through my shelves. You`ve done a marvelous job so far, so why quit now. (sheesh)
Please have a nice day tomorrow & don`t take maybe, for an answer, to a yes or no question.


A collection of short stories awaits beyond this Elephant Ear`s oral vortex.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Barrel of Blues

This blue morph of a Discosoma or Coralimorph, is of an unusual color. Very easy to keep, hey do protect themselves with a toxic excretion that may burn other corals. On Planet Earth you can see a variety of images to make your day a little curiouser. The Tube Anemone is lit up with little LEDs it seems.Have a good one.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Room With A View

This is the view from my house now.
On Planet Earth is a shot from inside my office, which doesn`t really show much, but the other shots are from on the deck & reflect the exact same view. It`s a humble little spot with a view of the sunset. What else does one need. I also hear the crash of the surf which is just past the treeline. The images that look like a fire is approaching really show a fog bank rolling in off the ocean.
Have a nice week ahead everyone & be carefull out there.
Remember those who were left on the battlefield, & never, ever forget those who send them.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


The drama that unfolds in a reef is never ending. Beyond this image #3, are three more (#1 thru 4), that show a hermit in trouble & vulnerable to predation. There are also many more different hermits in various locations throughout the reef. I have no idea how many I have in my reefs but they are everywhere.
In the header, a lizard that was brought by my place today, by someone who found it on their roof. I suggested to put it back where they found it as it was probably living free to begin with. Over on Planet Earth, the strange bedfellows one meets in a reef always amazes. I think Pippi & Blenny are going steady. The Red Spotted Blenny is always making me laugh as it charges ahead of me & is always perched right in my face when I least expect him/her to be there.
A few quick ones to add also.
Hunger Happens is from a friend I`ve worked with for years helping out the National Food Bank.
The plains Indian using a white cloth to misdirect the antelope to get a better shot at one to feed & clothe his tribe.
The Holmes comet, not pictured on this post, is readily seen in the night sky. It has become an explosive burst of icy vapor that one may never see again. It is unpredictable & should be visible for the next couple of weeks. I just walked outside & could easily spot it. I`ll try & get more info on it by tomorrow.
Thank you all for the nice welcome back I received & may you all enjoy your time at this place.
I always try & keep it interesting.

Friday, November 9, 2007


My most important challenge was the transfer of my charges with the least amount of stress to them. To demonstrate the success of this endeavor, I am posting this image of the most sensitive & fragile species in the collection. This fish does not eat any prepared foods, but survives only on live miniscule/microscopic life in a well established tank. It was a pleasure to see this fish hunting down food bugs after a few days in hiding. It is doing just great. It`s a barometer of the health of the tank in a way. In the header, a reflection of a reflection. Since I changed the tanks during the move, this grouping of species went from a cube tank to a long rectangular tank. At one end, I installed a mirror to double the look of the tank. In this image it is again doubled & reversed to get a header format image. On Planet Earth, Pippi Longstocking, showing a little leg, is about to step into a green day.
These images taken during constant monitoring of my reefs are a reminder of the relief I felt, each time a new species would pop out for a "head" count.
I`m glad to be back among friends & family. I did feel alone in my world, something that is not always a bad thing. I hope I find you all in better health than when I left, & if that is the case, hooray for all of you. If it gets worse, down the line, advise me & I`ll leave again. Hah. Have a nice week end & remember those who have fallen, for better or for worse.