Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here in a somewhat large format for 'shock value' is an Oscelaris.
The strange behavior shown here is usually when clownfish are getting acquainted with an anemone.
It seems that they get each other used to them & start a lifelong relationship (In a perfect marine world).
Here though, the clownfish is suckling on the polyps of a large leather coral.
This shot is taken directly against the glass, (1/2") with the Oscelaris about 1" away, inside the coral.
Strangely enough, (I may try this) the fish is in a trancelike state, maybe a result of sucking on something I imagine is not that healthy, for normal human beings.
In the header & linked to it are more images of a "cleaning crew" I introduced today.
They are tasked with keeping any algae under control. This allows coralline algae (good kind), to propagate, keeping the surfaces free of bad algae.
On Planet Earth, a few publicity shots of some of the main actors.
I`d suggest that rather than view linked images in a slide show, that you view individual images & even in a larger size, to get the details clearly, rather than in a fuzzy slideshow.
Enjoy your day & the next ones after.
Spring is just around the bend, a really very long sweeping one, but it`s there.

Nothing But Blue

This is what you wanted I think, Andif.
This Blue Tang can grow to a foot in length, but she`s just fine at this size for my liking.
It is quite a prized fish.
On Planet Earth, a Tomato Clown.
I`m getting used to shooting this reef, now, & refining a few techniques to capture these fish at their best.
I also included a self portrait near the reef so one can see a bit of scale to the tank.
Have a nice warm day you freezers out there.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I finally figured how to shoot the Blue Queen.
At night with only the purple Actinic lights on, with the flash set for fluorescent lights.
This image has only been cropped & nothing else.
In the past, the blue would all wash out except for some shots that I considered to be lucky ones.
Well I better get some shut-eye.
I have tonight`s sunset in the header along with some tree lightning.
On Planet Earth, a product endorsement for dry skin. It`s called "SHED".
Have a nice day, it should be coming up soon, for those East of here.


This Lawnmower Blenny is checking to make sure it`s OK to come out & enjoy the new week.
I hope yours is going to be a good one.
On Planet Earth, there`s a truckload of various images, & the header is
Sat. evening`s sunset, a merge of three shots.
Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tonight, since I did not find the image I was looking for to show Andif the eating apparatus of a Brittle Star, I`m posting this little Blenny, who has been doing a great job of cleaning my reef.
This is a Lawnmower Blenny, & is called that because he mows down algae, as fast as a herd of cows.
There`s a Sunset Sycamore on Planet Earth beyond the Hibiscus, which are in bloom everywhere around my house.
The Sycamore is right off the deck.
While shooting tonight`s sunset, I happened to turn towards it & noticed the glow.
In the header, you can see why the Sycamore is glowing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Congratulations to the world for this day.
And thanks for keeping the hope alive.
The header, Planet Earth & the main post are all linked.
Have a great rest of your lives.

Olivia`s Fix

In the back door of the shoddy looking hotel…
  2 DSCN7802
I could see the strange blue glow radiating from Matt`s breeding lights.
I just kept up with the opening sentencing review to scare the crap out of that bastard, the reckless DA said.
So here`s what a fix looks like.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I had tried something new today, or I should say I finally figured it out today, something you can see on Planet Earth.
Later I decided to try a different approach & shot my magnifying loupe, took a few images of the poppies I shot today & created
A similar effect.
I`ll have to perfect my tests & how I shoot potential later objects I might use to go a little further with this.
For instance, the way I have to shoot the two images I want to create that effect with. Because the only way to shoot a real magnified picture is to have the loupe straight on, I don`t really have to worry about reshooting that image to get the desired results.
Though I`m not that pleased with the one I presently have. That one btw, is a composite of two shots. One of me holding the loupe by the tip of the handle, & the other holding it by the glass.
I was going to throw it into the air & shoot it in one shot, but my aim is not that good, & I really like that old magnifying glass.
Have a nice warm week end.
Oh!! The "EMBRACE".
I was in someone`s wine cellar today & spotted this tile leaning up against the wall by the wine barrels. I figured why not shoot it in case they are never reunited. "LAST EMBRACE" is linked behind the poppy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


A simple post in hues of blues, with no links, no kinks, but no bad news.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This Royal Gramma, a longtime specimen of mine, seems to be a little bolder in the new reef.
I usually had a hard time getting shots, but now there are two of them in the reef,
so I think this one is trying to hog the spotlight.
I did not add to the header or Planet Earth, but there are more images linked to this one.
Some of the relatives leave tomorrow, so the load is getting lighter , although it has only been a pleasant time with all the family members.
There still are many images linked at the above mentioned locales , only not new ones.
Enjoy exploring around my place.
Have a great tomorrow.


Originally uploaded by 37KNUCKLEHEAD

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


 BLIGH 2  DSCN7155
Teri`s sons, here for the holiday season, love music.
Here is a nighttime exposure of 2 or 4 seconds in front of the fire down in the yard.
This is Bligh, who is here from Australia.
Linked to this is a set with a little video of him tuning up.
It`s cold comfort to watch lovers frozen in time, although they may contribute eventually to global warming. Check them out on Planet Earth.
In the header, tonight`s sunset, & more images on the progress of my reef
Have a great day, &
Please,... be careful out there.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today you get a first peek at what I plan on being a beauty.
I put two reefs together to have a 6 foot long one.
It was such a chore to get everything right the first time, that I only have yesterdays sunset on Planet Earth, butI did back up the main post with images of corals in the silty water of a newly set up reef.
It`s already almost crystal clear now, & by tomorrow it should be as clean as it could ever be.
Till then, Please! have a nice week a'head'.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Some days are better than others.
This was a good one.
I`ve spent a lot of time this past week catching up on my sleep, which I`d let slide for over 6 months.
Tomorrow is the final tank switch day, & it starts at 8:00 AM.
I`ll be done by 4 PM.
This is a very big deal for me.
You`ll see the results in a few days, when the reef settles in.

Friday, January 2, 2009


A few shots to help us all relax.
I`m doing a big tank move tomorrow, so it`s to bed early tonight. (Ya right)
On Planet Earth, a few lilies, a few thrillies & a mirrored silly.
Beyond the header, a bunch of garden flowers to keep you from losing your scents.
Good evening.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


The sunsets generated by a firestorm are much different than just normal, beautiful southern California sunsets.
The smoke filled sky lends a little deeper filter to the captured light.
This image is of some "out of towners", who came to see the smokey sunset.
In this case I became the voyeur, of these Peeping Toms.
The header, a composite of 11 shots of the same sunset, also has a few more images behind it, including a few "edges" for Andif, colored in "Olivia`s purple", by inversion.
For the less fortunate, who at this time of year, may yearn for fresh floral fantasies, I`ve put a set of Hibiscus up for you on Planet Earth.
I`m getting back in the swing of things, here.