Monday, August 17, 2009

Pinwheel & Fire

This, a Hawaiian flower, (I always forget it`s name) but they make Leis with them, is one I shot on my nightly Coconut amble.
I included a nice, Purple Olivia, a name I made up, since I`m clueless about flowers, but see beauty in them, & a few from my yard, in the strange light of wildfires further to the north.


AndiF said...

Both flowers are beautiful but DSCN9247 was really striking ... and eerie.

Beth said...

I've heard it called frangipani and plumeria, Head. One of my favorites - they smell SO good! I have a huge tree at my new house, and am anxious to see what color the flowers are. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey KH,

Here's my modest contribution to "Name That Flower".

They were quite plentiful in our gardens in Djibouti, Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire and were called "Frangipanier", similar to the name recalled by Beth in her comment.

Concerning Hawaiian leis, I believe they are made with a different but similar flower called Jasmine (or Arabian Jasmine, also called "Pikake" I think).

In Africa, I was honored many times with Jasmine leis (although they were not called leis) and the powerful scent, initially quite pleasant, would eventually become hard to bear, even causing headaches when left too long hanging somewhere in the house, a habit I abandoned for just that reason.

Oh, and the pix are beautiful as always.


Knucklehead said...

Plumeria, is what I was trying to remember.
I do have a half a dozen growing here, though this one is at a neighbor`s home.
I`ve never heard of Frangipani, but that`s not to say it`s a misidentification.
I`m sure of the Plumeria ID though.
When mine bloom I`ll post images of them.
It was a pleasant surprise to see you & other members of the family at Cirque du Soleil in Quebec.
I`ve seen their performances dozens of times & gave away many tickets to their act, having friends that started up the shows & workers for the "Cirque" that I traded goods for tickets.
The workers get a ticket a day.
I lent some bicycles to them so they could get around Santa Monica, while the show was in town.
Candice & I ate many meals at the cafeteria for the whole troupe over three years, during the times they were here.
I met many of the performers during those times.
I tend to get in the middle of things.
It was also great to practice my Quebecois.