Friday, August 7, 2009

Turn Turn Turn

A while ago, someone showed interest in some of my cactus flowers.
I offered that if they sent me an address, I would send some plants.
I sent off a box of cactus & assorted cuttings.
Today, out of the blue, I received a package with a fantastic bowl, & an even more exotic smaller covered "jar".
The fact that this was so "over the top" generous of this person, I may send more plants & see what happens.
I will be shooting these beauties again, taking more time, but before anything might happen, I always like to get items on file immediately.
I learned to do that when introducing new specimens into my reefs.
Some have been attacked & eaten within minutes, so I have a habit of photographing new things of beauty, pronto.


AndiF said...

Your shots do a wonderful job of making us see the full beauty of the wood and the pleasure of its shaping.

And "Close Orbit Transect. DSCN9009" is a perfect shot for next week's FFF theme of Simplicity. :)

olivia said...

Those are gorgeous.

NDD said...

Your photos have captured the essence of some mighty fine woodwork, the next best thing to having the feel of it in one's hands.