Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tonight`s sunset in four shots. The weather is turning 'Halloweenish' these days & there`s a fresh crisp smell to it all.
Thursday night query; what is tomorrow`s theme?


NDD said...

That's quite the panoramic sunset ya got there. The 4 into 1 turned out great!

I was just over to BT, and no FFF as yet. I think there was a mention of today's theme in last week's FFF.

Whatever it was did not get etched in stone in this blockhead, so maybe it will appear in the morning.

It's supposed to snow here again tomorrow. Feels more like I'm living in Winnipeg than ND these past weeks.

AndiF said...

Gorgeous pic, Head. And we're on a similar wavelength for Halloween (as you'll see if you stop by my blog tomorrow).

Hiya NDD. The FFF is up now and the theme this week is Random so come and post a pic. And next week's theme is your great game of What Is It so Olivia and I are definitely expecting you then.

Hope to see both of you at the Flog later.

Beth said...

You know a sunset will bring me out of the woodwork, 'head - thanks for sharing. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to see one for real on this side of the world....but it'd be hard to beat the beauty of this one.

Knucklehead said...

Not to rub it in but it`s been gorgeous here, temperature wise.
I`m getting sunburned & actually getting my tan back.

Knucklehead said...

Beth, It`s like each sunset is a memory. Some more memorable than others but all are inspiring to me, nonetheless.