Sunday, November 1, 2009


Plastic Fantastic DSCN9907
A little slice of my neighborhood on Halloween.
I took the day off today o put new lights in my reef.
I`ve been working on two projects simultaneously.
Luckily they`re next door to each other.
I can easily be at both places at once, so as long as I keep progress at full pace with my crews on both jobs, you can`t really call it double billing.
Did I mention it`s also in the high 70`s to low 80`s, & I got a bit sunburned last week.
The weather forecast is basically, a whole lot more of the same.
I just can`t catch a break now can I.
It`s just more shitty days in paradise.
Have a great week.
Don`t worry about our weather here.
We`re supposed to have El Ninos this year.
That means storms out into the Pacific coming in every 3/4 days for months.


AndiF said...

You sure live in one very spooky neighborhood. I loved the ROSWELL DANCERS.

And how lovely to offset the scary stuff with the graceful lines of the plumeria.

Beth said...

My huge plumeria has one small bunch of flowers, but they're too tall for me to take pictures of - or smell, doggone it. So I'll just enjoy yours instead.

El Nino means no hurricanes for us this year, so far - and hopefully it'll stay that way. And less snow for Idaho - all good things. Hope you enjoy the storms, 'head - I'd be out there in the midst of them, admiring Mother Nature's handiwork.

Knucklehead said...

I can`t believe I`ve been such a bad host on my own blog.
My apologies.

Knucklehead said...

Beth, mixing it up with nature is my passion.
Sorry I have been remiss in my usually prompt replies.