Thursday, December 27, 2007


Some may easily be influenced by forces they presume they cannot control.
Others relinquish control voluntarily as a relief of burden. How foolish.
Still others feel they have to assume control of others.
I think self hypnosis is the cause of these feelings. We can all make ourselves believe what is most convenient for our agenda, but we should never lose track of the fact that personal accountability is the only trait that if practiced, one can`t be faulted for.
I`ve been mesmerized by a fool who has made me write giberish. I don`t know since when but it has got to stop now. One of you should have told me.

In the header, a Bird of Paradise takes wing. It`s on my deck & I`ll try & follow it`s opening till it can fly.
On Planet Earth, a venomous Rabbitfish. This particular image shows the fish with it`s spines extended out in a defensive posture. These are poisonous spines.
There are more images in all the usual hiding places.
Good night.


AndiF said...

Good morning.

Dunno about killer bunnyfish but I really fascinated with the EMBERS STAR and SHALLOW WATER photos.

olivia said...

Morning/Afternoon Head and Andi.

I like the green polyps ... against the pink.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Andi,
I caught the Brittle Star, pretending to be a cave. They will hump up like that & even form a "grotto" with their tentacles. When an unsuspecting fish enters the "hiding place", dinner is ready.

Knucklehead said...

Last week I was at a griends house helping with his tank transfer.
He didn`t want the polyps. I used a putty knife to scrape them of the back wall of the tank. When I got home with them, I showed them to Teri`s adult kids & they wanted to know what that seaweed was. I told them, if I put this in the tank tied with a rubber band onto a rock, it would begin to open with these green polyps. A few days later they started to open. Now they are all opening during the day. Soon the purple/pink mat will start to grow & cover whatever I allow it to. I also usually tear off a piece for anybody that wants to grow their own. It adds color to a tank & the polyps wave in the current like a field of grass.

olivia said...

Sounds wonderful.

Knucklehead said...

Actually, that`s exactly what it is. You tie a piece of rubber looking skin on a rock, & animals of amazing color grow out of it & grow more of themselves. It really reminds one of our stature in the grand scheme, in that, it`s miniscule, albeit still part of the whole.