Friday, December 7, 2007


This Hawkfish`s attitude of bravado, is merely misdirection. The gossip is that he`s been getting a little on the side, with a long legged beauty that has finally come out of her shell. It is exemplary to want to protect a ladies honor, but hypocritical to have an in your face attitude when busted. And you Mr. Hawkface, are busted. You may access the tabloid shot of the two of them in flagrens delecti by clicking on the image.
In the header, for all you writers out there, a challenge awaits.
The site is not only interesting & educational, but also helps feed the world.
It will improve your vocabulary & at the sme time I`m challenging you to best me in my knowldge of words. My score is linked to the header image. For each correct word, 10 grains of rice are added to the tons already ammassed for this project. My score reflects none wrong so far. A perfect score is fifty but 48 is rarely attained. If you make a mistake your score goes down. How good are you & do you want to improve?
Feed the hungry & challenge yourself.


Nancy P said...

Every other time I've played that nice-rice game, I've never risen above the 41-45 level, usually hovering around 43. This time I got up as far as 49 ONLY because I FORCED myself to go with my first instincts. I think it might be good training for trusting oneself.

I like that fish.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy p,
See, already, you trust yourself more.
Sadly, I just gave that one away, when I moved. I preferred to give him away, than risk it`s demise from the stress of moving.
The new owners are absolutely thrilled though, so it`s not like I can ask for it back him back.
As long as the Hawkfish is safe & doing well, I`m happy.

NDD said...

ol'hawk is one of my favorites too, not withstanding "attitude", as sometimes these days ya need a little o' that to deal with things.

I had some great fun last night, (or morning more likely) got up to 12,220 grains, and think I maxed out at 44.

I think I about wore it out, as I was getting lots of repeats, or ya could say 2nd chances by then.

Nancy P said...

As long as the Hawkfish is safe & doing well, I`m happy.

You're a good dad.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P
Someone, has to be there for them.

Beth said...

I saw your 'free rice' phrase at my place, and knew what I thought it meant, but now am sure. I love that game - it's my new addiction. I've gotten up to 46, but then plummet to 38, since I've never heard of the words at 46. Thanks for the reminder.

As long as Mr. Hawk is happy, that's what matters.

Knucklehead said...

You`re welcome.
Happiness, does matter, plus it`s a warm gun.

olivia said...

At least Mr Hawkfish has good taste in long legs ... :O

Hope you're having a good w/e there.

Knucklehead said...

Those are some nice leg warmers she has on also, no?
Maybe you could get some like that for yours, & a matching warming bag for your cam.

Evangeline said...

Thanks for the new addiction! I just played the rice game for the first time and went up to best level 45. Now I just know I'll have to play every morning before work.

I wish I knew what was happening in your Suspicious Encounter photo. There's certainly something going on there, but what?

A nice Sunday to you all.

Knucklehead said...

Good learning & feeding the hungry game, isn`t it.
Suspicious Encounter, one of those unexpected sudden meet-ups, where quick analysis of the situation might mean life or death. As the data comes in, the apparent danger is diminished but perhaps not the blame on the other protagonist respectively, for having scared the bejeesus out of the other.
In the end, they realize they are no threat to each over, but it does come with a bit of a "don`t do that again" stern look, similar to the look from the Hawkfish, on the main post.