Thursday, December 20, 2007


This tree in deep freeze was taken up in BIG BEAR, during one of my ski trips some years ago.
I didn`t want anyone to think that we don`t have winter`s beauty to enjoy also.
No, don`t feel bad, it`s only a short trip from the beaches here to the ski slopes. We`re just fine.
Thank you though for thinking we were left out.
Am I bad to bring it up. NO.
The header has a sample of weavings done by weaver birds.
By clicking the header or Planet Earth, you`ll see a more detailed image of what these macrame makers can do.
If you leave a towel or a burlap bag within their reach, they will unravel it, & weave it back into what they think should have been done with the material in the first place.
The other remarkable thing about them is that they can weave a considerable amount in a relatively short time.
Tonight the little slideshow at the top right is of a fish theme. It is also linked.
Throw your credit cards away if you don`t trust your power of self denial.


NDD said...

Very pretty, the frosted branches against the blue sky.

But... "deep freeze"??whaddayamean?

'round here when frost forms like that we're having a heat wave, like yesterday and today, 20-32F.

AndiF said...

Of course, it's always easy to impress NDD with trees -- they're so exotic. ;)

I really enjoyed the photos of the weavers. I thought DSCN6410 was eloquent and beautiful.

But the "Mikes Macquarium" shots win the day. :D

NDD said...

Hey there smartaleck!

What you doin' up so late??? I thought you used to hit the hay around 10PM.

AndiF said...

Hi there. Not up late, up early as usual. That's timestamp is 5:08 a.m. here.

NDD said...

Harumfff! Whelll! All's well then.

olivia said...

LOL ND and Andi.

Hi everyone.

Head, I love the colour in this photo -- the blue and the white. And it is reassuring to know you get snow ... now if only we could have similar here and get some sun ... ;-)

What kewl birds they are to do macramé. Showing their smarts ... :)

Knucklehead said...

I meant to stay, "stiff breeze".

Knucklehead said...

I should have told NDD, it was a new branching coral.
What would he know.
Mikes Macquarium, I`m trying to access them. I have not seen those. The slide show if that`s where you saw them, is a feed from flickr, that I have no control of except choosing the theme of it. I`ll keep trying to find those.

Knucklehead said...

That`s why they call it sunny California.
I commisioned a sweater with the weavers, but when I got it there were holes for the wings, & it made me walk like a duck.