Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yesterday some people were visiting in the immediate area. I was out talking about the new blooms with a neighbor, but didn`t realize some one had overheard our conversation.
An hour later, knowing that my new blooms would be open, I went back out & noticed the person who was around earlier. I asked him if he wanted to smell the blooms, when he expressed his amazement at how they were fully open, when an hour previously they didn`t exist. That`s my clue to go through the whole history of this cactus from when I found it as a skinny little thrown away plant, to it`s present glory. Here`s me & my cactus. We`ve been through a lot together & I`m proud of it. There`s another image connected to this one that might give you an idea of it`s towering height.
Have a great week ahead.


AndiF said...

Nice disembodied head you got there, fella. :)

The perspective shot DSCN8766 is a beautiful realization of its towering majesty.

I also liked the underside view of DSCN8730.

olivia said...

LOL Andi.

Hi there Head and Andi ... :-)

What a great photo! I love seeing photos of these flowers and of you too, so both together is a treat.

Knucklehead said...

I`m always bragging my flowers up. I should have worn white gloves while presenting my beauties, with my hands pointing over to the bloom like the "Hand Out" image.

Knucklehead said...

It`s too bad the blooms can`t be aromatically linked.
The whole experience of these, has to include the scent, which is beyond compare.
The "Oracle in Black" predicts no plague of boils, nor locusts. It should be easy sailing, henceforth.

NDD said...

Yep, that's one amazing plant-friend ya got there KH.

I'm wondering what pollinates it besides Knucklebreath?

Family Man said...

Hiya Head.

I didn't realize the bloom was so big. Or did you just shrink your head down some to make it look that way. :)

Knucklehead said...

I`m about 8 feet away. The bloom is as big as 8 inches across. I actually took two shots.
I couldn`t get the bloom in a good perspective with it`s proud dad, all in the same shot.

katiebird said...

I love that story (and the flower and the photo), and is that really you, Knucklehear? wow! you should be in movies!

I love your photos. And I'm glad to be back.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Katiebird,
I`m glad you`re back also.
Yes, that`s me & my bud.
Movies, been there, & still available.
Thank you.

katiebird said...

Knucklehead, Really? Could you share their titles? (Speaking as a shameless namedropper)

Knucklehead said...

Email, forthcoming.
Have you no shame.

katiebird said...

katiebird, aka shameless hussy. (email returned! Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Katiebird,

I've had the privilege of knowing KH for many years.
One of his earlier movies, a short documentary, pivots around his days as an accomplished drummer in a 60's rock band then popular in a region some 300 miles Northeast of Montreal.
That was several years before his regional fame bloomed into broader recognition when he became a genuine pirate whose activities on the high seas were abundantly covered by media far and wide.
Hi KH! What's up?


Knucklehead said...

Hey Landsailor,
A very nice surprise visit like this always makes the seas a little calmer & billows the sails to straining.
The overview is a very complimentary also.
May the wind be always behind you as you captain the prairie schooner.
Katiebird was the lady who assisted in my very first image posting on the "intertubes", ever.
In a way, she cast off the lines & set me free, to the vagaries of the cyber zephyr, for which I shall always be indebted.
Please extend my regards to your bosun & crew.

katiebird said...


I remember that! That photoFair was so fun. I found the old pages but the account must be closed. It would have been fun to share.

Here's the link to all the people who participated including several people commenting on this very thread!

Now I'm sniffing pathetically. They're gone.

Knucklehead said...

I just went to the link.
All the comments are there, but not the images.
I wonder why.
It would have been nice to have screen captures of all the amazing submissions on that Photo fair.
And yes, isn`t it nice that some of the people I met there, & who might have also met each other, sometimes come over to this house, & me to theirs.
Thanks for the link, & thank you again for casting off the tether to terra firma.

katiebird said...

That account was opened by a member of our PhotoFair committee at the time who I didn't know. I think she paid something like $25 for it and I'm guessing that she didn't renew it.

I think I still have the photos I processed. But, I can't find them now. I guess I might have deleted them....

Oh, and they might be in the gmail account that we used....

I wonder if andi has the ones she did.

Knucklehead said...

I also have all the ones I sent for you to post, but it would be great if they were all still available.
Not that I know anything much about how things work, but wouldn`t there be an archive somewhere of that thread, since the images didn`t belong to her.
Just asking.

katiebird said...

We didn't store the images on Booman's server. We used a place called PictureTrail - a place like photobucket except it charged.

I think that if we could get a hold of the images we could recreate the diaries (by copying and pasting the code into a new diary but replacing the image links to the new host.

It would take some work, but it would be worth it.

We'd just have to make sure they were in an account that wouldn't disappear.

I think the problem back then was that the free accounts were limited in space. And we did the fee-based one to make sure we had enough room for all the photos.

I think the free accounts have a plenty of space these days. Don't you?

Looking through the WayBack Machine (that day is gone) and Google cache the images are gone....

Do you have other ideas for image caches?