Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is an opera of night blooms in Pink Major opus 5.
These were almost exclusively taken by flashlight in the dark of night. The cactus bloom is below the level of the deck where I have to be on my knees to even look at it.
Although it is related in some way to my other blooming cactus, this pink blossomed one is very low to the ground.
I believe I`ve seen some of these as big as 8 feet tall cactus trees, but thre one here is completely opposite in stature to my 12 foot tall ones out front.
Strangely enough, the tall white blossomed Cerus also had another bloom tonight. It was quite a sight with the full moon.
On Planet Earth, I posted anoth flower from my yard with a Sycamore tree as background. This one is the Tiara for the Queen of Europe who should be soon back from abroad.
Have a nice day & boil the water.


Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

IVG here ... That's a beauty, indeed fit for the Itinerant Queen! With a flashlight, huh? Who's your assistant? I sure couldn't pull that off by myself!
New motto for your blog?

"White Knuckles ... now serving photographic miracles daily."

Impressive as always, my friend.

Knucklehead said...

Well, IVG,
I don`t know if you just deleted your comment, but it does not show in this comment section.
Now it must show in some window because it just reposted.
I`ll be back.

Knucklehead said...

Now, You`re back.
I`ve learned to operate this broken camera one handed. If I`m up on the ladder for the tall ones, I use a little LED handheld one.
For the Pink ones, I use a bigger flashlight that I put on the ground in the deck planter & prop it into position by stuffing bark chips under it.
That`s because I need my other hand to hold cactus branches out of the way of the flower. I`m waiting for two buds to open soon, & took the time the other day to force the cactus to grow into a better position to be able to shoot the blooms.
Now I see that although the branch is following my persuasion, the buds have grown back into the downward position. Oh well.
I have to go to your place to revisit the Hibiscus I saw a little while ago.
I didn`t know there was multicolored or variegated colored hibiscus like that. And then to have the purple-ish center. Wow.

dada said...

evening in paris is quite the evocative shot.

painting with light…l gotta try that. [actually discussed that last night w/ a group of photogs that l'm taking a class with]…very interesting.

maybe make a few ghostly images, eh.

very nice set head, kudos

Knucklehead said...

Thanks dada.
I`ll send you a link to a few other postings that are more of the "painting with light" variety.
They are longer exposures, (up to 8 secs.) & are done with a flashlight as the brush.

olivia said...

Hi Head, IVG, d.

Beautiful. These are just beautiful (and love the header image). Agree w/ d - love how you capture pix using the light.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Olivia,
I realized that the header pictures a bunch of White Knuckles.

Nancy P said...

I was just getting ready to comment that the header image *is* White Knuckles, only those fingers don't actually seem to have knuckles.

Your cactus shots are wonderful.

(Waving toward Paris!)

Knucklehead said...

Good Morning Ms. Nancy P,
They`re more like clapping pairs of Mickey Mouse hands.
Thank you, but the subject matter does have to be considered also.
I do so wish, you are felling much better.

Nancy P said...

"clapping pairs of Mickey Mouse hands"

I love this. And Minnie makes two.

(I do feel better, thank you.)

Knucklehead said...

"I love this. And Minnie makes two."
Mini me is happy, you feel better too.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hey Head, I deleted that myself, no worries. I changed a bit of phrasing because I decided I didn't like how it came out the first time. Sorry about that!