Monday, June 30, 2008


 2 DSCN9259
A star is born.
This little crown of "Candy Corn" growing out of a star, is in Vilija`s garden.
On Planet Earth, a few shots of the cactus` red bloom, including a shot of two of them together. This is probably the end of these blooms this year, although I have a few more of these cactus, & I remember one of them had a blossom in September.
I can always hope.
The header, which links to more shots, is a study in the flight of a hummingbird, in silhouette.
Enjoy your day ahead please, & smile at a stranger. It may encourage them to do great things.


AndiF said...

I'm really sorry that it's the end of the blooms for that cactus. What lovely gifts it's (and you) given us. This time's joy was _DSC2250.

Since I work at home, the only strangers I get to smile at are critters and the only thing that seems to encourage them to do is to eat more.

olivia said...

Hi Head.

I love the little bristles on the flower - and the header image is just spectacular. Fantastic work ... I'm so impressed.

Knucklehead said...

I had seen those little flowers before but never saw the "star" part of them.
The hummingbird in the header is right outside the window, in the shade. I`m going to move it into sunlight for short periods to shoot the colors. After I took one shot, I decided to do a series. I figured you might be surprised (hah)

Knucklehead said...

I`m still holding out hopes that I`ll get a white blossom with a red center on this particular cactus.
Hopefully this will link to a set of the blossoms I`m talking about.
It should say "link" so I must be doing it wrong. I`ll have to ask Ms. Olivia how that`s done.

AndiF said...

That's a lovely flower (and set of photos), perhaps not as spectacular as the red but very elegant.

To do a link you to do
<a href="
some text</a>

which will produce this

some text

Note: I broke the url into 2 lines so it could be seen but of course, it would be just one line

boran2 said...

I love being able to see all those little "hairs" with such clarity. As usual, your lighting is amazing.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Boran2,
Lighting is what makes us able to see the magic of color. I often pull branches & leaves down to provide shade, leaving the subject highlighted.

Family Man said...

Hiya Head.

Wonderful pictures, but I think I like DSCN9243 the most. The light and shadows are magnificent in that one.

The Hummingbird Star header is also magnificent. You're truly an artist.

Hope you have a good w/e.

Knucklehead said...

That one is a huge Magnolia. I don`t know what kind, but the blooms are as big as a dinner plate.
And that is a very nice compliment.
Have a great July 4th.