Monday, July 14, 2008


This lovely "Lady Of The Night", is what I had been hoping for. This blossom opened last night in an explosion of delight.
I was fortunate to notice it about to bloom.
I ran back into the house to grab a flashlight after taking a few shots of the bursting bud.
Less than a minute later This is how it was. I love seeing the release but I missed this one by ( ) much.
I only have this one, & today it`s gone, like the ladies of past one night stands. I loved them all.
In the header, a Blue Dragon, & on Planet Earth, a Fire Fly.
It seems to be defying the god Pele while surfing her waves of fire.
I`m beat, so I`m gone.
Till tomorrow, & have a nice one.
Good Night


AndiF said...

And well worth waiting for, too. That's just spectacular. In fact, the whole set is just jaw-droppingly wonderful. Every last one of them is my favorite. No wonder you're tired ... capturing such amazing loveliness had to be a Herculean effort. :)

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Andi,
I think you attribute more to me, than I deserve.
And when you think of it, what`s more amazing
is that this bloom is brother/sister to the
"Meteorite Shower" red bloom lower down on the blog.
Have a wonderful day.

tatudave said...

Hey Tony,

You should see some of the amazing blooms in and around the jungles here, not to mention the spectacular waters and reefs! I think you'd love it here. I do...

...Dave, (in Okinawa)

Knucklehead said...

Hey Tatu,
Well I`m sure glad you like it. It`d be a bummer to hate it.
I can imagine the reefs there.
The reefers in Japan study the ecosystems there & they do create some amazing reef tanks. They are extremely heavy in the newest gadget department at times though.
Did Veronica tell you I slammed her door & it shut properly? (hah)

olivia said...

Hi Head!

What Andi said -- this is perfection! It's stunning ... beautiful! I love it all - even the angle of the flower ... well done! :)