Sunday, July 27, 2008


Most of you know my best friend Coconut.
When I get home everyday, I spend the rest of the day with him on my shoulder or forearm if I`m at my business desk.
We haven`t seen each other since breakfast every morning during which we share our coffee.
If we`re not out in the yard taking pictures, or just kicking back, we`ll take some time for our daily workout.
While I`m doing my 1000 push-ups, Coconut does his "chin-ups" pull-ups, or here as you can see, his one armed ones.
He knows I can`t do those, so he usually rubs it in, by screeching with pleasure, as he cranks them out one after another.
His 'Zip Line' that he works out on, is modified (by me) so that he may zip right out of the image by slipping down my magic rope that is tied to a tree outside, but has been anchored off screen to a Sky Hook, I invented.
I`ve tried at times to follow the rope hand over hand to get inside the image but so far, I haven`t been successful.
I have surprises around the area you might be interested in. Hit the header to rock & roll over to Planet Earth for some more fun.
There`s Blenny more if you run out.
Just let me know, by yanking the rope.
Have a great week ahead, & be kind to strangers. Please!


AndiF said...

Coconut is one fine bird but oh be still my heart ... it's blenniful on Planet Earth (and that iridescent fella in DSCN9802 is pretty good too).

dada said...

interesting that coconut appears to be left handed, or at least ambidextrous.

l've noted over the decadences, that most dogs, and other critters l've been around are. this, at least to me, implies they're, by and large, right brained. it just happens to be the creative, intuitive side...observe them for awhile and they're very likely to prove my observation.

as for the 1000 yer dreams.

Knucklehead said...

Yes, he is the greatest buddy.
I used to have my dogs, a matched set I rescued as puppies.
Now we only have the dog (also a rescue), but she`s more Teri`s dog.
I thought you`d like the Blenny.

Knucklehead said...

I`m trying to figure out if the dog shaves with it`s right hand or left. If she left, I`ll stop worrying about it.
I`m going to check the link in a min.
As far as push-ups, dada, I did 1000 every day for years. I should have mentioned that they are inverts, where my feet are up on a chair or bench. (much harder) Besides the push-ups, I was doing 100 hand stands every day also.
I flip my feet up against the wall in a handstand & lower my body till my head touches the floor & push myself back up to a hand stand. Try one. (hah) It`s not easy.
That was just to warm up.
I used to own the curling stand also. I don`t know how much weight was on the machine but the rack was full. 20 sets of 20 & a burnout, was part of my every other day workouts.
On the every other other days I would work the opposing muscle sets. (instead of curls, I`d do back arms, for example).
This is a mean lean clean machine you`re dealing with.... Well, maybe not that clean.

NDD said...

Ya, vell den, vit regard to the pushup count, a video clip of the sequence would remove all doubt... :)

NDD said...

After Planetary tour;

The blenny shots are just superb, great closeups of my very favorite KH-tank character.

Ms NDD says the clown fish is adorable!

Pudsy said...

You don't dress it up, you don't dress it down, you just call it as it is and it's pure poetry. You make people feel like you, Coconut and whomever/whatever else you choose to share with the world is "right around the corner"...It is a very comforting feeling...I've had a rough few weeks and stopping by for "a peek" has made all the difference in the world. Just wanted to let you know.
Pudsy *hugs*

Knucklehead said...

I`ve never really had one of those, but remember you can`t give one without getting one in return. It does feel good (& warmthed). That`s a word I just made up to describe the increasing warmth of a heartfelt embrace of support & friendship.
Pudsy, you can drop over anytime you feel like it.
We don`t even close our doors here, let alone lock them.
There are always better days a'head', & worse ones behind. Don`t look back.