Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Since last July, I had taken a sabbatical from WHITE KNUCKLES, to devote my time to a client.
Today I completed the last phase of my project, yet still have a few more final touches.
Since the main focus of this project centered on water, the addition of the fish today, allows me to claim my mission is done.
I also take this opportunity, to wish you all a Happy New Year, including the best of health, & peace to all.

The fish pictured here, were in Hawaii yesterday noon.
They were on a plane till late last night, picked up at the airport by midnight, & in their new home at noon today.
My client, called late this afternoon, & I could tell by her excitement she was thrilled to see these beauties in her paradise.
I will follow this new year blog restart, with pix from the project in the following days.
The header sunset is part of a series of merged images, & there are more behind the curtain link.
On Planet Earth, my granddaughter eyes the LA skyline from here on Point Dume.
The snow capped mountain in the background is close to a hundred miles away.
As this was taken on the isthmus to the point, directly behind me is a grand view of the ocean & channel islands where the sunset shots are taken, although my place is a little too low to see the downtown view. I`m up on the next street for the city shot.
I better quit this before I lose track of how I post this.
Till tomorrow then.


NDD said...

Hey!!! There he is!!! Whooopppeee!

Now, off to savor the delights!!

NDD said...

Looks like a great surprise fish to me. I like the bull-dog look on the one upper right.

You're off to a great start KH. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the project.

And a Happy New Year to all da rest of ya too!

Knucklehead said...

I put in 20 or 21 fish in the pond today.
They range in length from a little more than one foot,
to maybe two feet long.
I had some small fish in there for a month, to get the water conditions right.
All three dozen small ones are still doing fine & growing like crazy.

AndiF said...

Happy New Year, Head! And it will definitely be a happy new year for all of us who'll get to enjoy your return to blogging.

I don't feel koi at all about saying that I loved DSCN3153 and CHLOE`S NEW FRIEND.

Hiya NDD!

Knucklehead said...

Thanks for the wishes Andif.
The two images are too cool, aren`t they.
While one of my granddaughters, is up on the latest trends & fads for girls her age, the other one is going through my iTunes library, picking songs for me to download on her iPod. It`s quite amusing to watch her pick songs by "The Doors", CCR, Dire Straits", & plenty of Dylan.
Note; (The aforementioned iPod, we recvd. as a promotional gift & gave it to Chloe for her birthday.
I only mention it so you won`t think my "girls" are spoiled in any way. HAH!)

olivia said...

Yipppeeeee! Echoing ND and Andi (hi guys!) in welcoming you back Head. We've really missed your daily beauties ... :-)

Happy New Year to you and your family!

olivia said...

Oh -- was so excited forgot to say I love the richness of colour of this photo. The fish are so beautiful.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks for the welcome Olivia.
The fish are not used to me yet, so I just took random shots.
Hopefully soon, I`ll have trained some of them to do little tricks.
And yes, they are in real good health & very beautiful.