Thursday, January 1, 2009


The sunsets generated by a firestorm are much different than just normal, beautiful southern California sunsets.
The smoke filled sky lends a little deeper filter to the captured light.
This image is of some "out of towners", who came to see the smokey sunset.
In this case I became the voyeur, of these Peeping Toms.
The header, a composite of 11 shots of the same sunset, also has a few more images behind it, including a few "edges" for Andif, colored in "Olivia`s purple", by inversion.
For the less fortunate, who at this time of year, may yearn for fresh floral fantasies, I`ve put a set of Hibiscus up for you on Planet Earth.
I`m getting back in the swing of things, here.


AndiF said...

Well JUMP START DSCN4941 sure put me on edge -- I could feel all the coiled energy ready to explode.

DSCN4782 was my favorite of the sunsets. Wow.

Knucklehead said...

I don`t recall if I`d been jump started earlier, or a few mins. ago, but awake is awake.
I never had formal start & stop sleep cycles. I wish.
I should walk down to my beach more often to take shoreside shots of scrumptious sunsets.

olivia said...

Yes, you should! :-)

Morning (night?) Andi and Head.

I love, love, love this silhouette. Love the colours of the sky, the pinks and greys mixing.

Of to explore ............

Knucklehead said...

Well, .. Olivia,
I declare.
I`ll make it a point to get down there.
Most of the time, I walk in the front door from working, & straight out the back door to shoot the sunset.
This is a favorite also, & you are right, pinks & greys, a nice contrast, are a pretty rare combo.
It`s usually a grey dull hidden sunset or the wondrous
pinks I always enjoy.
I`m one of those, "think pink" kinda guys.

NDD said...

I especially like the Fire Voyeurs Set, a great capture of one of nature's special events.

On first look, I did not readily discern the "voyeurs", however a closer look at those unusually configured black blobs did reveal familiar human behavioral patterns.

I'll be sure to mention this post to Ms NDD.

Beth said...

Welcome back, 'head! I missed you and your pictures and tales. Although your project was gorgeous (I sneaked a peek). And thanks for the sunset - you know what a fan I am.

Happy New Year to all, and hope you have a fun weekend planned. I'm just so glad you're back!

Knucklehead said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for the welcome.
My plans for the week end include moving two reefs (one in a 70 gallon tank & one in an 80 gallon one),
into a large single 120 gallon tank. The crazy logistics involved, include moving the two aforementioned tanks, out of the way before I can move the new one in, except they`re a both up & running, so I have to transfer everyything into a few other tanks to move the two to move the big one in & transfer the two temporary tanks into the big one.
It`s all about water water water, fish separated into friendlies & agro ones & knowing how to introduce them into unfamiliar territory with the least amount of stress. Did I mention the corals, a large purple clam, crabs, slugs urchins mushrooms & on & on.
Then there`s the skimmers, UV lights, three lighting systems, a chiller, heaters, sumps refugiums bla bla bla.
More photo fodder for a photo blogger, I guess.

Beth said...

Holy cow, 'head! Sounds like quite the logistical nightmare. Good luck and have fun - I'd love to watch the process!

Knucklehead said...

You voyeur, you.