Sunday, February 28, 2010


This shot of a Marine Betta, taken tonight, shows how up-close & personal I can get to my underwater friends.
I would hope so after almost 10 years of interaction.
This fish is very friendly with me & me alone, but will attack Coconut, if he`s with me at the time of our interaction.
The fish seems protective of me, almost.
I hope to take a wildflower hike tomorrow, near my project site after I put everybody to work.
Cross your fingers for some shots of springtime in Malibu.


AndiF said...

Well it certainly looks like a fish worth having on your side.

Fingers crossed for the wildflower photos -- now if only I get could get some hints of spring here.

Beth said...

Ditto, andi. Although everything is green, there are no spring flowers here. I see that the columbine I planted in January are starting to peek through the earth, tho.

Enjoy the walk, 'head - we'll anticipate color.

olivia said...

Fingers crossed.