Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yesterday I went down to Malibu Masonry for some supplies.
I then stopped in at Malibu Lumber.
This is a new little retail center built on the site of the Malibu Lumber Yard, a place I did many building supply purchases over 35 years.
But all things must come to pass & the lumber yard now exists only as the sign declaring a new high dollar joint.
There is one redeeming factor about the place & that is that Olivia has opened a fashion shop there with a friend she never mentioned.(at least to me)
This is also a place where, as you`ll see in one of the images, paparazzi are not welcome.
Strange that they should mention that, since we don`t appreciate any of them anywhere in Malibu.
I then went north to my old friend`s place, Zuma Orchids, to show him & his wife the blog post I did of him.
He was thrilled about it & he`ll have thousands of new & different orchids blooming in about six weeks.
Look forward to them, as I`ll be shooting them at that time.
Have a great day.


AndiF said...

Wow, olivia is quite stylish, isn't she? ;)

Did the fish shots come from there, too? They looked different from your usual shots. I liked DSCN5543.

Yum, orchids. Olivia will be jealous.

Tomorrow's flog theme is "Red".

MsNDD said...

This combination of pictures on the grey wood is very pleasing. Nice to have someone familiar (Olivia) be a part of something new. ;)

Do you know who the man is in the painting?

Knucklehead said...

Yes, Olivia means style in Malibuan.
I put the images on a wall of one of the buildings there.
In the center of the panel of images is a large cylinder.
There are two of those.
The shot of the orange Garibaldi, California`s state fish, are in that tank, the other shot of the stripped yellow fish are in the other.
Thanks for the reminder. Red it is.

Knucklehead said...

I enlarged a shot I took of one of the buildings since I liked the wood texture, & with the thought in mind to use it as a background for yesterday`s little outing.
The outing will continue tomorrow with more sea creatures & the origin of the pic of the old "rabbi".
Also if you open the yellow flower in the image of two of them, it`s in 3D.
NDD will show you how to view it if you don`t already know.
It`s a trip, & you`ll really see it float out of your monitor.