Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Month Of Color

 46 SUNSETS JAN. 2010  flat cropped & grad.
I must remind you to go see this image on Flickr in "Original" size. (It should be huge)


AndiF said...

It is huge -- a great big huge WOW. What an amazing accumulation of splendor.

Even though it's one of the least colorful, I think my favorite is the lit-up fluffy clouds (3rd row, 3rd from the right). And I love the rosy simplicity and silhouettes of the 4th row, 2nd from the left. And I love ... well of all of them.

Also, tomorrow's FFF theme is "Walls, fences, and fields".

Beth said...

Wow indeed. I'm still stunned. Being a fuchsia and purple fan, the ones that include those colors are my favorites. But how do you pick a favorite out of so much beauty? How different would life be if it was spent observing such splendor...

Thank you, 'head.

MsNDD said...

It seems everyone's first reaction is 'Wow!' (mine, too). Very beautiful!

Nancy P said...

I imagine Captain Kirk's living room wall looking like that, at home on Earth. He'd show the display to people and tell them these are photos of sunsets from all the worlds he visited.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy P,
Captain Kirk rents a room here.
He settled on this place so he could do what you said he`d do.
But he`s cool.
Some of his stories Are otherworldly.
Thanks Ms. Nancy.