Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Coming out of the market yesterday, I noticed a little photo shoot going on.
I took my camera out & walked up to the subject from the opposite side & took a few shots.
The musician looked over at me.
I told him he`d be a better subject if I could shoot with music playing.
I took another shot & bailed.
Here it is.
Tomorrow I have a set worth over $25,000,000.00
Stay tuned.
And some one is watching you behind a click.


AndiF said...

Very nifty shots -- the light glinting off the sax is just the perfect touch.

AndiF said...

Also, it's the Random theme at the Flog this week. I think this guy should come toot his horn. :)

MsNDD said...

Very cool to keep everything black & white, except for the golden sax. Perhaps the other photographer will think to do the same. At first I thought it was a large tree he was leaning against.