Sunday, August 3, 2008


A while ago,(last week) I`d mentioned to Teri, how we should cut back a large Bougainvillea overgrowing a corner of one of the separate yards we have. A few days ago, when arriving from work, she was excited to show me what she`d done & found in the process. There was a lovely 15 foot tall cactus inside the Bougainvillea, that we didn`t even know was there. Furthermore it was in bloom. I took my camera out of the truck & climbed up to get as close as possible to study this beauty. I took a few shots in the darkening evening, but will take more to do it justice.
I also had a surprise bloom again in the "Reef Garden". You may see it on Planet Earth.
It`s what I call a Cadaver Plant, because it smells like one, attracting corpse flies which it then traps for food or pleasure, I know not which.
In the header link, you may go underwater, to see some "Jewels of Neptunes Realm".
On this late night note, I bid you good rest & all the best.
Good night


AndiF said...

Who knew flies could be so fascinating?

But the pictures that really captured my eye was TERI`S TROVE DSCN0312.

Knucklehead said...

There`s no flies on me.(afaik)

The Teri`s Trove image is the opened format of the cover post image.
I do have to climb back up & get some clearer shots.
Have a nice day.

J M said...

0309 is certainly cosmic, and my favorite of those behind the post, which is as far as I got so far tonight.

NDD said...

hey, that last one was me, I've lost track of one of my personalities, it seems.

olivia said...

Hiya Head ... :)