Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I found these on the street near my project site.
I went & parked my rig then walked back to them.
The header shot & accompanying images to it, are from my site & the drips are on the stems of the black Elephant Ear plants in the image with the house in the background.
Planet Earth has a musical instrument of which more from the orchestra will be posted tomorrow, if I don`t fall down first.
I`m tired tonight, so I`ll just wish you all a good one, (night, that is), & see you tomorrow.
Be nice to everyone, please


AndiF said...

A lovely flower but I was especially struck by DSCN1086 -- the framing of the flowers against the wall made the edges and color really stand out.

I can manage niceness to friends and family (well most of 'em) but everybody else is on double secret probation.

olivia said...

Thanks for going back to take the photos Head. These flowers are lovely.