Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well here is a larger version of the "port-holed header" from last night.
Although Olivia guessed correctly that the header image was a "form of caterpillar", my friend Dave in Okinawa, guessed it as a "Tomato Worm" which I believe it is.
I`m going with that hunch, since I saw it on a tomato plant here, along with it`s partner, laying waste to dozens of tomatoes.
It is over 3" long & very beautiful if you like green.
Hector Protector was dressed all in green,
Hector Protector was sent to the queen.
The queen did not like him,
no more did the king
so Hector Protector was sent home again.
Obviously some people don`t like green.
On Planet Earth, a beautiful large format Hibiscus. There are more beyond it.
The header shows that you can pick up the pieces of a broken heart, but you can`t put a flower back together.
Please do go see the character actors beyond the main post.
Their expressions are strange. I don`t know if you can tell, but there are two "Tomato Worms" (Olivia)
So Dave, tell me which one you want a print of.
As for Olivia, you get one also for being so "hot". That`s what the judge ruled


AndiF said...

Well I'm glad I didn't try guessing; I would have never got it ... and I'm glad because that means I've seen one of thus ugly buggers.

The Hibiscus set is one of your best flower sets ever. The color, composition, lighting in each shot is just perfect. I kept thinking each one was my favorite until I saw the next one.

NDD said...

So far I've traversed the Tomato Worm set, and enjoyed very much those shots, with their exquisite detail. I'm curious now, as I've been before regards the amazing abilities of the Coolpix 5000.

Knucklehead said...

"ugly buggers",... how could you?
The Hibiscus is one of the most colorful ones I`ve ever seen. Don`t say anything, but when I was moving it around by hand to get a better look at it, it broke off at the stem.
I put it back in the leaves, & tiptoed away. After taking some shots, though.

Knucklehead said...

I have a second generation of shots of the "Tomato Horn Worm" of the second generation of worms.
The series you saw are getting old & will soon die.
The next set, not posted yet, as I`ve just taken them,
show a much younger, brighter green, & softer textured skin specimen.
Also included in some of these new shots are inadvertently captured yet newer generation specimens.

The P5000 is a great little camera for $200.00 (eBay). I have another identical one that needs a new shutter button. That`s the reason I got this one, because of my previously gained knowledge of it`s unique capabilities.
I have the D2H back & use it also, mostly for large view subjects, such as the "Malibu Hills" shots I took last week & some sunset shots I took when an old friend stopped by to check out my lower 40.
I was showing him some of my stuff here & he was a little freaked out, watching me navigate through 6 hard drives, when pulling up shots related to the stories I was telling him.
We went out again & I shot a series for a sunset merger I`ve already completed for him. He hasn`t seen it yet, but it`s just as well, he was a little "cross-eyed" by the time he left.
The size of the P5000, barely larger than a pack of smokes, surprises a lot of people when they see the results.
It`s also much easier to whip out at a moments notice which is why I never go anywhere without it & most of the time with both of them. (D2H)
I also had been using the 5400 which I had to focus physically, by moving back & forth depending on how close the subject was, after it had auto-focused.
The sensor was defective & after running a series of tests, I pretty much figured it out & posted hundreds of shots taken with an 'unfocusable' camera. And nobody knew, except a few people I think, as I had mentioned it in an email. That camera is on the shelf for the time being along with the 5400 until I can get down to El Segundo, where NIKON is.

olivia said...

LOL! Tomato worm ... yeah, that's it! So close ... :)

When I saw the repeating pattern, but your clue said it wasn't PS, I thought caterpillar. The bright green should have been a clue.

It sure is a beauty ... :)

NDD said...

Ms ndd here...
I was telling ndd how much I admired your Hibiscus set (as he had not seen them yet). We enjoyed them together this eve. Beautiful colors, awesome patterns & inviting texture...(1264 & 1266 being favorites)!

Knucklehead said...

Good evening, Ms. NDD,
I couldn`t stop thinking about rhubarb when viewing the flowers when shooting them. The centers are just like rhubarb in color & texture.
On the 66 one;
"The swirling skirts, like chiffon pie,
with lemon centers, caught my eye."
By Tony... for Ms. NDD