Thursday, July 2, 2009


I decided to post some green today. I forget the name of the plant these leaves are from, but I know exactly where I rescued them from.
In the header, I discovered a monogram of the letter "H" which is from Helen, our friend who used to own & live at our present house.
I noticed it while fooling around with the ever watching lizard.
On Planet Earth, a little image for JimF & in hoping that even during the summer break, he keeps an eye out for his pupils.
Somewhere in this mess, I included an image of some Green Leather Mushroom clones that are coming along just fine in the reef.
OT, To keep current, can someone please mention the FFFFF theme.
Have a great 4th weekend, & Please, be safe.


AndiF said...

The theme is "Random" so it's an easy week for you.

That's a lovely set of greenery. Looking at FERN KNOT DSCN8141, I imagined the tall one saying "Just eat your nutrients and one day you'll be big just like me".

I'll be sure to point out the book cover to Jim. :)

olivia said...

I love that header!