Wednesday, July 8, 2009


These blooms are the beginning of the fruit season of my cactus that do provide edible sustenance.
Don`t knock it if you haven`t tasted these delicious fruits.
The post from last night is a precursor to this one & an example of my sample offerings.
Don`t worry,I know what I`m talking about.
It is so summertime here, I`m dizzy.
Have a great summertime day, Please.


AndiF said...

Well not such a good summertime day here because I have a dentist appointment this morning but I'll take your images with me as a balm. :)

Knucklehead said...

Well AndiF,
I do will suffer with you.
I`ve taken care of all my dependents teeth over the years,but never mine.
A few years ago, I called a dentist office to inquire about the approximate price of an extraction.
When the lady on the phone told me it could be from $700.00 to $1000.00 I told her I`d get back to her office.
Within a half hour, the lady called me back to ask if I wanted to make an appointment.
I told her it wasn`t necessary anymore since I`d used a pair of pliers to pull it out myself.
She told me I couldn`t do that.
I told her, my tooth was right here on the coffee table, & not to call me again, to argue.
Speaking of "balms", there were times when I wish I could bomb some teeth out of my mouth.