Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Next to the Fence

Another quick shot from my evening walk with my friend Coconut.


AndiF said...

It's so nice that Coconut takes you on such pretty places for your walk.

The green is wonderful -- it just glows.

Anonymous said...

Hey KH!

Glad to hear you peacefully raised hell at the market. I read your piece and all resulting comments, all of which were in support of your actions (as I am). Caught your reflection in the glass door, looking good. Our last tel/con was cut short. We'll catch up again soon.
Steven was here yesterday with his lady and a few guitars. He's a major picker, always impressive.

Let's visit your market together next February.

I liked your recent rose posting and accompanying comments.

I'll stay in touch.

Knucklehead said...

I take him for a walk everyday, but after reading your comment in my mail this morning I tried to capture some green in the eyes of a cat.
I also have a nice green shot for you coming up soon also.

Knucklehead said...

Yes that was a shame we got cut off.
I was expecting an emergency call & that it was.
One of my clients came back from Lithuania, & her daughter, a twice guest-blogger here named Kendra, lost about 500 images out of 900 from the trip.
I`ve downloaded an "Image Recovery" program & hopefully will retrieve the images on the memory cards from two different cameras.

Yeah we`ll check out the market next Feb. but there won`t be any action. I ran those 'morans' out of town. The call is out that I be warned if they show up anywhere in the near vicinity.
That covers a few hundred square miles, with my connections.
I hope you steered Steve to my blog or some of my postings.
Your visit with him must have been quite the jam session.
Cool talking with you.
Come by as often as you have time to.