Thursday, March 11, 2010


 2 DSCN5988
A 2,000 piece puzzle Teri & I finished last week. This one was about 1 month in the making, while the one on Planet Earth, is about a 4 day effort.
No, we don`t sit around doing these puzzles all day.
They are on a large table & we work on them a few minutes at a time, or 30 mins at another time waiting for dinner to finish cooking, for example.
We both have completely different methods of putting it together.
Teri works by the shapes of the pieces, while I work with the image on each individual piece & match it to the image on the box for it`s location.
I use my big magnifying loupe for that.
May your days not be so puzzling.


AndiF said...

Not only is that a really nifty and incredibly difficult-looking puzzle but it's also the perfect image to remind me to remind you that this week's flog theme is "Building(s). Verb or noun".

Beth said...

Boy, that's gorgeous, 'Head. I grew up with a puzzle on the dining room table, but none so complicated. Makes me want to go buy one...