Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The view from inside the atrium at the post office around the corner.
Click on it to view a quadruple unintentional self portrait.
It`s really not impressive or anything, but I only noticed it after downloading the files.
Obviously I faked the HD quality of the shot, using primitive techniques.
If the image on Planet Earth is not of Charlie, it`s because I put a few random shots there.
Please give me a few minutes to go find some.
Have a great day & see if it`s made better by promoting random acts of kindness.
Since I started that program personally, quite a few years ago, I`ve somehow been a very "lucky dude".
Coincidentally, I was reading an article on that phenomenon, today, on Biomes Blog.
Amazing that we may in effect create our own "luck".


AndiF said...

That is a really fascinating set of photos -- love all the shadows and shapes.

Sigh for the yellow flowers. Loved the close-ups but liked DSCN5832 even better.

I don't have any doubt you've earned you luck, in many, many ways.

olivia said...

Wow - love all the vibrant colours and the lines/patterns. Gorgeous. And I love the quad self-portrait.

I saw that link at Biome's Blog yesterday. Very, very interesting.

AndiF said...

Speaking of random, that's the theme for this Friday's flog.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Hi to Everyone!