Monday, March 29, 2010


This year`s first rescue is not a baby bird, but a just weaned little field mouse.
As Teri & I exited the front door, "Tootsie" was on the first step, wondering what to do, or at least that`s what we thought her expression meant.
So now Teri has a mission.
She`s made a little "mouse house" for TOOTSIE to figure out what life is all about.
I figure the little mouse is very recently weaned & got separated from it`s mother.
I think if it survives the night, it will be well on it`s way to a bright future.
If not, there will be an unconsolable person around the house.
There are more pix of Tootsie, beyond the click.

1 comment:

AndiF said...

Good thing you don't have my dogs or someone would have been inconsolable right from the start.

Though maybe if they'd seen DSCN6410 first, they would have give eating it a second thought ... gone oooh how adorable ... and then eaten it. ;)