Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Teri usually reminds me of the sunsets & I often "pooh pooh" her.
But I always take the camera & go out on the deck to "humor" her.
I always come away with a nice sunset though.
Here`s the one from tonight.
It`s very centralized in the sky, so it`s taken at maximum digital zoom.
Enjoy & have a great day.
Beth, you like purple do you?


AndiF said...

The sunset is as beautiful as the pun is clever. All around winner for you (and Teri for sending you to take pictures of it).

Beth said...

Yay to Teri for reminding you about this one - yep, I'm a huge purple fan, so this one floors me. Hopefully someday I'll have a perfect spot to watch sunsets...but til then, I'll enjoy yours.

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