Friday, November 23, 2007


 virgin DSC_0018
This wild parrot, one in a flock of dozens of these Nanday Conures, lived at my old house. Since we moved a few have been flying over bekoned by the calls of one we have that we rescued a few years ago. There is also a large Red Tail Hawk that roosts in the tree off the deck & above our aviary, that may hinder a reunion.
On Planet Earth, a little study in effects, on an image I took of an award.
In the header, a few stoned images. Have a nice time with the stoners.
And please have a safe remainder of this weekend.


AndiF said...

I could've used a different title for the post -- I don't want to think about food yet. But it is nice to see a bird that hasn't been plucked and roasted. :)

olivia said...

Morning Head and Andi.

I hope the hawk doesn't do anything too drastic ... like the thought of them meeting up again. :)

Family Man said...

Morning Head, Andi and Olivia.

I'm with Olivia. I hope the hawk doesn't get into the picture.

Knucklehead said...

I hadn`t thought of that aspect.
It`s more like a "A parrot in a pear tree".

Knucklehead said...

The birds are safe, have no fear. There is that minor problem with Coconut though.
He does like playing games & loves to jump on top of the aviary & bounce jump all over it, to freak the other birds & myself, out.
He is out of reach when he does this so it`s a little unnerving at the time, albeit very funny. He seems to take pleasure in freaking others out. I wonder where he learned that.
Luckily, the aviary is beneath the large Sycamore on the deck, which offers some protection.

Knucklehead said...

The hawk will be in the picture shortly. I need to get a few cameras repaired & get the SLR Nikon back from my friend. Then I should be able to put out alert images of the Red Tail, to post in the neighborhood.