Thursday, November 22, 2007


You may have noted that I use the term "hitch hiker", when discussing specimens in my reefs. Here is a good example of one in this image. The green coral is a meandroid brain, with a conical base. A Trachyphyllia geoffroyi.
In the center of the image is a hitch hiker. It looks to be some kind of Polycheate somewhat like a "Feather Duster".
It is growing out of the coral skeleton of the coral & I noticed it flash me when I was feeding the tank tonight. It is a filter feeder. It extends, as in the photo, & filters food particles from the water currents. As soon as it comes into contact with food it immediately retracts into it`s tube home to feed. The retraction is instantaneous.
I got this Brain today from a friend who`s aquarium I went to check on today. He has a shop in the valley with one of the best selections of marine & reef specimens i have seen yet. He was stocking his new reef today when I went by.
His reefmain tank is 14 feet long by 36 inches front to back & 30 inches deep.
I`ll shoot some pix soon & brag on him a bit.
Beyond this image, are a few shots of the whole brain.
While my brain is still working, for those of you who celebrate thanksgiving, Have one to be thankful for. And good night.


AndiF said...

Have a fine day, Head, however you do or don't celebrate it.

I am exceedingly thankful that you decided to start blogging this year.

NDD said...

I'm 2nding andif's comments KH, and I continue to be amazed at your colorful bizzarites, seemingly infinite reef critters.

Knucklehead said...

Thank you, & what a nice thought from you.
Check your email.

Knucklehead said...

When you look at the DVD, you can see that it`s not infinite, but really does look like it though.

olivia said...

Hi Head.

What do you mean by flash?

Knucklehead said...

I had put that coral in a few hours before & hadn`t seen the hitcher yet. When I was feeding the tank, it closed on some food & I saw the "flash" of motion as it retracted. As I kept observing that spot, it reopened slowly & that`s when I saw what it was.
It`s like it wanted me to notice it so it Flashed me.
I`m very tuned in to the reefs so if something moves differently than the myriad movements I`m used to, I notice it immediately. It`s intuitive I think.

olivia said...

Thanks ... was wondering if that was a reef word meaning it stung you or something ... :)

It really does look like feathers.

Knucklehead said...

I should have explained better. Also, I`m pretty careful about touching things in the tanks. For their saftey not mine. The corals are kept at 80 degrees F, while my temp is 98 degrees, so touching them, is akin to burning them.
I`m quite unaffected by stings from the reef specimens anyway. (So far)