Saturday, November 24, 2007


Due to another massive fire (by the looks of it), I may be cut off from the outside world again, at any time.
I wouldn`t want you to be left out of the loop when talking about the three sisters I met at the Karaoke Bar last night.
They billed themselves as "THE SQUEALING PIGS". Appropriate, I`d say.
On Planet Earth, global warming is becoming apparent.
In the collection, which includes both of the above mentioned images is also a set called "IROQ & A HARD PLACE".
You may want to go see 'A hard man is a good thing to find' (for some). It`s a little study on one rock.


Evangeline said...

Hi KH,

Sometimes I wonder how come there's still something left to burn in your area! I hope your home isn't downwind from the fire. It looks set to go on for a while.

Planet earth: one of your photos (no 9416) immediately reminded me of Hannibal Lector. Not a creature I'd like to cross.

I love that stone face and hands - and the eyes, of course! I know I've seen them somewhere!

Take care, mon frère!

Evangeline said...

BTW, those pigs are pretty nifty – any way you look at them!

Beth said...

Just caught the headline on TV, and checked here. More fires. Argh. Hope all is okay at your place...

Family Man said...

Hi Head.

I saw on the news too. I hope it doesn't come near your new place.

Maybe you didn't move far enough. You know, we don't have that many fires in Alabama. Of course with the drought now, you never can tell. :)

Knucklehead said...

Fires still going strong.
We were told to evacuate. (Not gonna happen)
The fire has crossed the highway. It`s about a mile away. Axel Rose`s house gone.
20,000 people evacuated.
My old house was on fire, outbuildings gone.
Police are being very strict. Birds ready to go with Teri, if need be.
No need to worry about us, please.
Been there, done that.
I`m very familiar with these fires.
I`ll update later. I have a little portable black & white TV.
And I can just go out the door & look. Embers are syarting to fall. Spot fires in the area. Normal.

Beth said...

I won't worry, but you all will be in my thoughts. Your old house on fire? So glad you made the move when you did...hope all turns out well. Thanks for letting us know.

Knucklehead said...

Beth, thank you,
I hope you got the DVD to watch between football games.

Beth said...

The maillady just delivered my mail from the last two weeks, and it's in there. THANK YOU!!! I'm excited about watching it. Thanks for thinking of me in the middle of all that you're going through. Doggone fires.

Nancy P said...

Stay wet, KH.

Just heard about a screenwriter acquaintance who fled with family as their yard was burning.

Do you mean the house you guys just moved out of? Some powerful intuition must have let you know you had to get out of there, you think? Or was it a different "old house"?

katiebird said...

Oh, knucklehead. Mister's been watching the latest on the news and I've been worried about you.

As Nancy says, stay wet and safe.


AndiF said...

Take care, Head. We'll thinking about you and hoping for the best.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy p,
The house we just moved out of.
If you remember the trashed "yard sale" from the last fire, KARMA, THAT CAUGHT FIRE & BURNT THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR.I can bet the neighbor is going to own that property soon. Karma is a good thing when you have good karma.

Knucklehead said...

We`ll be fine. I`ve been through many of these fires. I know the program, & I may be crazy, but I`m not stupid.
One should never wrap themselves in a wet blanket. You may be steamed to death, where you may have survived otherwise.

Knucklehead said...

Hope helps more than thinking something is hopeless.
I`ll update periodically.

Knucklehead said...

The fire can`t burn southward because it`s all black in that direction from the fires a month ago. I`m getting updates, from various friends all over Malibu, on the progress & direction of the fire.
Everything`s cool. ( Bad choice of word)

Knucklehead said...

I`m always thinking of you.
Fire is a good thing in most instances.
Arson is not a fire, it`s a terrorist act.
This may be arson, as many of these fires are.
Pity the fool.

dada said...

oh man…talk about karma…you've got some heavy-duty help in the good sanchita department.

don't use it all up at once.

safe wishes for you, teri and your charges.

Knucklehead said...

dada, I have invested as heavily as possible, & yet still be human, in that fund.
I try & never use it, nor wish the negative forces on others. That way, mine spends itself when needed & accrues spontaneously. One hopes.

Beth said...

Head, with all of the critters you save and care for, your karma account should be sky-high. I think animal karma is the strongest. Wishing rain your way.

Landsailor said...

Hey KH,

I guess I can only echo what has already been said in the other comments, from which I understand you have a fine group of kind and caring friends. Cheers to them all.

I'm glad I got to see you in your old place last November. It had a lot of spirit and character, no doubt due to its human and animal occupants. With you no longer there, perhaps it's only fitting that it be consumed, as long as no one is hurt in the process.

OK, we wont't worry but we will be a little concerned.

Hi Evangeline,
Sorry to temporarily relieve Simon of his professional duties. Looking forward to seeing him in Arizona soon.

Knucklehead said...

How has the cross country trip been?
I like following the travel route to jog my mind a little if I`ve been through there in the past. Everything is fine here. I believe 51 homes have been lost today. It does seem like the worst is past for us at least.
Our friends just left after bringing over a big bucket of fresh caught lobster. He prepared it as a sushi chef with spicy rice paper & special sauces he made up.
Steamed then broiled for a few minutes. Absolutely delicious. Reminds me of steaming clams & Quahogs at the cottage. I may as well mention the jellyfish on the back of somebody`s sun burn. OUCH!! Calis.
What`s the shedule on your end?
I`ll post a few pix in a minute at the French Pirate`s lair to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Evangeline said...

Hi Landsailor!

Nice to hear from you! Any chance of sending some travel pix my way?

Of course, I will miss Simon's great input and I'll probably have tons of work waiting for him when he comes back from Arizona, but I'm happy that he can get away from it all for a while.

KH: Amazing! Why oh why do I worry about you!!!...

Love to you all.