Monday, May 11, 2009


The image of a Lawnmower Blenny, posted for Coneflower is titled "Mind Expansion", & as you can see, it is using the audio from the receptive arrayed "Elephant Ear" coral, to tune in to where any algae may be. It can then zero in on the received data to go forth & eliminate it, the function of it`s nomenclature.

On Planet Earth, one can observe the last stage of a Green Polyped Leather coral, in the process of cloning itself through "fission".
I will collect the new specimens, attach them to a base, (of random reef rubble) & set them in an appropriate location to fill out the growing reef.
The header, a composite of the same cactus bloom from a few images, is linked to images encompassing these blooms in multiple stages of the flowering process.

I`m not done yet.
I met a young man (How`s that Mitch) on the boardwalk in Venice today who had some of his work on display.
We talked for a little about his techniques, & I was very impressed with the results. The extravagance of his pieces leave you wondering whether you`re viewing photographic prints, or painted canvases.
Please do go to this link, & mention how you feel about his art. You will be astounded, I promise.
I hope you all had as wonderful a day as I did, with my daughter & granddaughters, revisiting places such as the boardwalk, where many years ago, we`d go to forget my troubles.
I haven`t been far from home for a long time, but even in a place like Venice, I was quite surprised at how many people loved my beard. Some ladies wished to feel it. I refused. Ya right. Men wanted to know how long it took to grow. I always tell them real men can grow a beard of this length quite rapidly, probably 3/4 months.

Hah, I remember years ago someone asked me that same question & I told him the secret was cigarette ash. His friends later told me he walked around with the contents of an ashtray smeared on his face.
Here Mitch`s link.
Do go check it out.


AndiF said...

It's very hard to say this when there is a blenny invovled but THROUGH THE BrEACH DSCN6441 was my favorite. Please don't tell the blenny.

I went to the website. He has quite the eye -- especially for derelict objects.

Mitch Reiter said...

Thanks for the kind words Knucklehead... Also I really like your saltwater stuff, makes me wish I still had my tank setup.

olivia said...

Hi Head, hi Andi.

That header image is amazing Head ... wow! :)

I checked out his site too. Looks similar to HDR. Very neat!

Glad you had a good time w/ the girls.

Knucklehead said...

It`ll be our secret.
You should see some of his other galleries there, about the derelicts on the boardwalk.
I was great to see his work on a large scale, & printed on canvases.

Knucklehead said...

My words were truthful.
Keeping reef tanks is really another world.
I`d find my house empty without one, I think.
Nice of you to come by.

Knucklehead said...

I had the greatest time with the girls.
And they seemed to really enjoy themselves also.
Seeing someone dislocate their limbs & passing their body through a toilet seat, then juggle sabers, they were at the street circus, & in rapt attention.
If you go back to Mitch`s site & look at the gallery of "employee of the week', (I think that`s the title), you`ll see some of the regulars.
I loved your "Raindrops"