Friday, May 8, 2009


This is a little special post for Lisa M.
I really should start my "Ladies Night" again, but then again, I only meet so many of those.
Deep in thought, of memories past, with visions of riders of the purple sage, this figure of female grace has always restrained my glance from wandering, till I at least gave thought to her wonderings.
I`ve had this statue in differing locations in my gardens, past & present, & I can not pass by without feeling for those in the world who must have the exact same look.
I don`t know what the look means, but if it`s enough to make me wonder, I`ll never stop admiring the lady I love to have as company, in my gardens.
The baby is born, Finn is his name. I think it was 18 lbs. & 22 inches long.
Does that sound right?
Whatever, lets hope he has a great long life, which I wish for all of you.
Another thing,
On Planet Earth, I have a bunch of different stuff for you to check out.
I wonder if anybody can identify "The Judge", which is one of the images linked in the main post.


AndiF said...

That's so nice of you to do a post for Lisa. And even nicer that everybody else gets to enjoy it. :)

And I especially enjoyed DSCN6178 and PAUL`S CAT DSCN6402.

AndiF said...

And I can't believe I got so involved in the photos that I forgot to say:

Mazel tov! w00t! Huzzah! Yay! Congratulations! Baby! :D

Knucklehead said...

I don`t mind showing my feelings.
Is that wrong of me? Hah

Oh yes, a pure rose.
A little blemish, does not make it less of a rose.

I always feel bad about what I did to that cat.
Don`t go medieval on me, it was in PS.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks Andi
I`ll smoke a special blend for that.(ahem)
I won`t see him for at least a few more months, but that`s probably best for both of us.
We might scare each other, if we met earlier.

Lisa M said...

Head, You are gentleman and a scholar. Beautiful words as well as FANTABULOUS pictures.
I am fascinated by the way my cyberfriend family grows. Leads me to such interesting people and places. LOVE the CAT. I was one in another life and hope to be again. Then I could curl up in the garden beneath a statue such as yours.
The shades of orange on the bird and that OMG ocean bottom.
What a wonderful start to my day and end of my week.

Congrats on the baby!!

olivia said...

Congratulations to all and happy birth day to Finn ... :)

(Lovely photo Head. As for The Judge -- is that your friend who has a new blog? :)

Knucklehead said...

Lisa M
Thank you for dropping by.
And you are right. It`s nice to have you come by to start my day & end the week.
I`ll bet you five bucks his name is Finn.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Olivia,
Yes That is Darcy.
I`ll post more of that series on Planet Earth, next week.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the latest grandchild!
will they be returning stateside for you to enjoy his growing up?

as always i am in awe of your photos