Monday, May 18, 2009


First let`s get this straight.
I dedicated past posts to certain special people.
Today this one is for Nancy P.
For reasons unknown, my Purple Bubble Tipped Anemone, decided to go on walkabout.
This is not that unusual, but normally after a long period of time in one location, most anemones don`t move about.
The nice thing about this, is that one can rest a little more easy, knowing the other corals are safe.
My other corals, though capable of deadly harm to each other, are non-sessile.
They remain where I introduce them into the reef, taking care to place them with future growth in mind, in such a way that there is no conflict down the road.
The anemone though, can decide to move to a different location, putting other corals in danger.
I`ll be keeping a close watch on it, & if necessary, move corals out of it`s final/temporary location.
It`s commensurate clownfish, a Tomato Clown, is upset about this move, as it has to protect it no matter where it moves to, an inconvenience for the Clown.
As you can see, this anemone is an uncommon beauty.

Another uncommon beauty, is at Planet Earth, a little preview of some images I`ll do a posting on tomorrow.
This is in one of my little treasure caches at my place, a side yard I don`t think I`ve shown to many people.
In the header, another shot of the anemone, but beyond it are a few shots I work on regularly, capturing birds & doing portraits. All photographers should practice doing self portraits as it allows leeway in criticism, while avoiding the same from family members or friends who do not understand how difficult it really is.
I learned this from an old artist friend of mine while we were going over self portraits of him from when he was sixteen years old.
He was over seventy at the time, & we looked over these portraits painted every 3/5 years. His whole life was laid bare.
Enjoy tomorrow, & come back tomorrow to see my yard if you`d like to.


AndiF said...

That anemone is very beautiful. The pattern on its body (is that the right term?) make me think of a peacock tail.

Your hidden yard is also quite beautiful. Thanks for "exposing" it.

And I really like your self portrait DSCN6588 but what that's in your mouth? ;)

Knucklehead said...

"Body" is fine, although the whole anemone is basically a foot, & a mouth, surrounded by tentacles.

I`m exposing more of that yard tonight.

It certainly isn`t a "chaw"

olivia said...

That is amazing ... the colour, and the clown fish too.

Has it decided to stay put?

Knucklehead said...

No Olivia,
It`s still on the prowl, just like me.